Everyone has the right to a high-quality education, including the digital skills required in today's world. However, education inequity remains a huge global problem that affects individuals, communities, and socioeconomic development.

We believe that technology can help bring learning resources to where they are needed most, so that everyone has the skills they need to unlock their potential. To achieve this, we pledge to work with our partners to connect more schools, provide training in digital skills, and cultivate ICT talent for the future.

Projects and Programs

Providing access to high-quality resources for learning, teacher training, and developing digital courses by connecting every school to the Internet.



Connecting schools and equipping them with computers to provide learning opportunities for both children and adults.

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Using mobile classrooms that provide digital skills to underserved and remote communities and ensuring that young people know about online safety.



Bringing training in digital skills to remote communities.

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Training the students of today for the ICT jobs of tomorrow in partnership with universities across the globe.

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Equipping underserved communities with the skills and resources they need to enjoy greater opportunities in work and life.



Teaching deaf children to read through the fun and interactive AI-powered multi-language StorySign app.

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