Restoring Networks During a Major Flood in Gansu, China

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Huawei's emergency response team

In mid-August 2020, Longnan, in China's Gansu Province, was hit by a major flood and mudslides. Power was knocked out, and optical cables snapped. Communications were interrupted in many counties; Wen County was hit the hardest. 

The Huawei Gansu Rep Office immediately initiated its level-1 emergency response plan and set up an emergency response team to provide support around the clock. On August 17, Huawei and our customers agreed on the emergency network recovery plan, and dispatched more than 20 engineers to Longnan to repair the networks. The roads to Wen County were blocked by mudslides, meaning our engineers had to carry the optical cables 70 kilometers to the affected sites and ensure that communication services were restored in time. By August 20, the backbone network was back up and running.

After one month of hard work, all communication services in affected areas were restored. The Longnan government thanked the Huawei team for fulfilling the company's responsibilities to the community.