Making Joint Investments to Foster Skilled ICT Workforce

As digital technologies like 5G, AI, and IoT are widely adopted, digital transformation is picking up pace. One of the challenges hindering this transformation is a lack of a skilled ICT workforce. According to a 2017 estimate from the World Bank, in 10 years' time we will need 10 million more ICT professionals than we currently have. To grow a skilled ICT workforce for the future, Huawei is working with education departments, colleges, and training institutions to define skillsets, build talent alliances, and demonstrate the value of ICT professionals. Together, we are building an open ICT talent ecosystem that thrives on shared success.

  • We have continuously optimized our certification system, which currently offers two types of certification: ICT Infrastructure and Cloud Service & Platform. By the end of 2020, more than 400,000 engineers had received a Huawei Certification, with over 13,000 of them receiving the Huawei Certified ICT Expert (HCIE) certification. These engineers are a valuable resource pool to support industry digitalization worldwide.
  • In February 2020, we launched the Huawei ICT Academy Program 2.0, through which we will provide incentives worth US$50 million to Huawei ICT Academies, helping them deliver online courses, provide online training, perform online experiments, and award online certifications. Through this program, we aim to work with universities worldwide and develop 2 million ICT professionals over the next five years. Ultimately, we aim to build a flourishing talent ecosystem and drive the ICT industry forward.
  • In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched the Learn ON Program, offering more than 300 courses and MOOC resources for free, providing 57 online open lectures, organizing more than 700 classes, and organizing 175 Train the Trainer (TTT) sessions. This helped ensure continuous online learning during the closure of schools and universities.
  • The 5th Huawei ICT Competition attracted more than 150,000 students from over 2,000 universities across 83 countries and regions, promoting digital skills and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities.
  • 150,000+

    students from 2,000+ universities across 83 countries and regions participated in the 5th Huawei ICT Competition

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Closing Ceremony of the Huawei ICT Competition 2019–2020