HUAWEI Browser: A secure and trustworthy online environment

The importance of the Internet means that browsers are now a key portal through which we understand the world. The primary mission of HUAWEI Browser is to create a secure and trustworthy Internet environment for users. To better protect privacy, HUAWEI Browser comes powered by four key functions:

Malicious URL detection

Phishing and fraudulent websites masquerade as regular websites to steal personal information. Users entering these sites are at risk of account hacking and identity theft. HUAWEI Browser works with industry-leading security service providers to check website security, inform users of potential risks, and remind users to visit certain websites with caution. As we check website security, we do not share the actual URLs accessed by users with our third-party security service providers. Instead, we only share non-identifiable and anonymized URLs. This means neither Huawei nor security service providers have access to the website content accessed by users. In addition, the malicious URL detection feature is enabled by default on HUAWEI Browser. Users do not need to change any settings to be protected.

Intelligent anti-tracking

After users view an item on a shopping website, they often find that ads for the same item will start appearing on other websites. This is how tracking cookies work. Advertisers push ads across websites using these tracking cookies. HUAWEI Browser's intelligent anti-tracking function identifies URLs with tracking cookies in advance and shares this information with the user's phone in real time. When a user accesses any website known to track users, HUAWEI Browser automatically disables tracking cookies, thereby preventing cross-website tracking. This process ensures that the user's privacy is never compromised.

Content blocking

Pop-up ads can severely affect the user browsing experience. HUAWEI Browser blocks ads by website: The ad blocker on HUAWEI Browser is turned on by default for websites with large numbers of ads. For other websites, users can turn on the blocker if they want to. The number of blocked ads is displayed in a widget in the address bar.

Intelligent blocking of automatic app opening and downloading

When users are browsing a webpage, HUAWEI Browser stops websites from automatically opening or downloading apps, allowing users to browse the Internet with fewer interruptions. This function is also enabled by default and does not require additional configuration.

In addition to the functions above, HUAWEI Browser has many other privacy and security features, such as making data sharing visible, controllable, and personalized (zero sharing of personal data with third parties); private browsing; information on and control over how third-party websites access sensitive information; and child mode. HUAWEI Browser has been certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI) for four different information security and privacy standards, namely ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, ISO/IEC 27701, and CSA STAR.

HUAWEI Browser is a user-centric app that helps to create a secure and trustworthy Internet environment so that users can enjoy smart digital lifestyles.

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