Huawei White Paper on Innovation and Intellectual Property


Sustained innovation has been the foundation of Huawei's survival and growth over the past 30 years. Huawei believes that protecting and respecting intellectual property is the foundation of innovation. Huawei respects the intellectual property belonging to other parties, and is committed to protecting its own. The company has signed patent cross-license agreements with many international ICT companies. Since its first patent license agreement signed in 2001, Huawei has paid over USD6 billion in royalties, with nearly 80% of that amount paid to US companies. In addition, Huawei has received over USD1.4 billion licensing revenue from a wide range of companies in the US, Europe, and Asia since 2015. Huawei has the ICT industry's broadest portfolio of products, and its sales are worth USD100 billion. The company's innovation achievements and their associated value, as well as the resolutions of our previous intellectual property disputes, all demonstrate a well-functioning mechanism for innovation and intellectual property protection at Huawei. This White Paper describes Huawei's practices in and contributions to innovation and the protection of intellectual property.