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Huawei Hosted The Summer Camp 4 Her Focusing on Female Leadership in Portugal

In July, this first edition of Huawei Summer Camp 4 Her took place in Cascais, Portugal. Fifteen young Portuguese female students participated in this initiative that, in a summer environment, showed young women the reality and possibilities of the world of ICT and at the same time gave chances to the girls to experience a set of special challenges such as surfing and local environment protection activities.

The fifteen young women who attended the Huawei Summer Camp 4 Her program are aged between 18 and 21 and are currently undergraduate students in various areas. They are also from various academic backgrounds including Management and Economics, Law and Social Sciences or Marketing and Communication, Technology and Engineering. In addition, these students come from different universities in Lisbon, Aveiro, Coimbra, Minho and Porto, as we truly hope this program can benefit more students on a bigger geographical scope.

Shrouded by a relaxed atmosphere, the ladies had the opportunity, during three days, to learn and explore a set of contents created around three dimensions: Technology, Sustainability and Personal Development. The program was also honored to have many local and international speakers, such as officials from UNFPA, Portuguese government, local multinational company, professional athlete, and etc. who kindly participated the program and shared inspiring ideas with the young ladies.