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The first Seeds for the Future program in Turkmenistan was launched on February, 2017, Ministry of Telecommunication, Ministry of Transportation and Huawei jointly selected the student candidates, and 10 students from Turkmenistan University of Transportation and Communication were selected in the end. 

Graduation in Huawei HQ, Shenzhen

After two weeks training in China, the closing ceremony was held in Turkmenistan, cabinet representatives, deputy minister of transportation and deputy minister of education attended and gave speeches in the ceremony; they appreciated the efforts Huawei made to Turkmen education and thanked Huawei for the contribution to the country’s ICT development.

Seeds representatives shared their study trip in China with over 700 university students after returning back to Turkmenistan

Representatives of the Seeds shared their study trip in China with more than 700 university students, and they expressed the hope to work for Huawei and develop ICT in their homeland.