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In 2015, Huawei began cooperation with the Ministry of Public Education to support its national mission to boost technology education -especially amongst low-resources students in the ICT fields-.

Mexico Seeds students belong mainly to public universities in order to align the program with local government strategy to support and move forward a digital community. Talented ICT students with lower income need more opportunities such as SFTF. Moreover, government focuses new efforts in those universities located outside Mexico City. Huawei opened global and regional departments in Queretato State (GTAC, GNOC, Reg. Learning Services, Regional R&D) and along with the Ministry of Education chose together public universities from Queretaro State to keep boosting ICT education there.

In July 8th, 2015, the first Mexico Seeds class held a ceremony in the Ministry of Public Education with Vice Minister of Higher Education attendance. From that very first 13-students group, 3 had already joined the company and have become supporters and internal ambassador of our CSR program, proving how it actually improves their lives. Since then, Ministry of Public Education has considered Huawei a key ally to promote technology education and keeps a strong interest in the follow-up activities with the students.