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In December 2014, Colombia became the first country in Latin America to run Huawei’s Seeds for the Future program. Huawei worked with the National University of Colombia and UNITEC and selected 10 outstanding students to study in China.

In May 2015, Huawei teamed up with six leading universities and chose 22 teachers and students to receive training in China for two weeks. Those universities were University of Surcolombia, University Central, University of Politecnico, University of Santo Tomas, University of Technology of Pereira, and Military University of New Grenada. The students learned about Chinese culture, and received scholarships for training in leading technologies and device design aesthetics provided by Huawei’s chief device designer. All these courses received positive feedback. In 2016, in alliance with the Ministry of ICT of Colombia, Huawei developed the first national call for Seeds for the Future, with the participation of over 200 students in the selection process from over 10 cities of the country. 14 students participated in 2016 program, which awarding celebration had the participation of the Minister and Viceminister of ICT, David Luna and Maria Isabel Mejia. To the date, 46 students have taken part of the program in Colombia.