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+Intelligence: A new era for industry verticals

Digital Transformation

Better connected enterprises

In 2017, 34 percent of all technology will be allocated to digital transformation projects. Do you know how to start your journey?

Telco digital transformation: The conditions, journeys, and destinations

Telco digital transformation doesn't follow one path. There are ten possible journeys and five destinations, ranging from dumb pipe to service enabler. Know what they are, know where you're headed.

Energy 2025 is surprisingly different from energy 2017

Our insatiable appetite for electricy is increasing day-by-day. Fortunately, the age of sunshine-based electrification is shining over the horizon, disrupting the energy sector.


Smart manufacturing: More than just robots

The new reality for manufacturing is Industry 4.0: full automation and cyber-physical. But manufacturers are slow to change. Why and what's the way forward?

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Message from editor

+Intelligence: A new era is coming

To thrive in the global digital economy, enterprises in all industry verticals must plan and execute digital transformation strategies that go beyond smart and enter the +intelligence era – an era of cloud backed by big data and AI.


In safe hands: Connected cars will quickly, quietly, and carefully change your life

To drive us safely into the future, driverless cars require faster and more robust networks to realize true vehicle-to-everything connectivity. How can we get there?

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Get up and go with connected transportation

The future of transportation isn't just connected driverless cars. Hyperloop and other innovations will make getting from A to B easier, faster, and cheaper than ever.


HSBC puts partnership and data at the heart of digitalization

Data will drive the future of financial services. Find out how HSBC is approaching digital transformation and the emergence of Fintechs.

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Feeding the world with connected farming

By 2030, there will be 8.5 billion mouths to feed. To that, ICT will play a pivotal role. Find out how.

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Feeding the world with connected farming

By 2030, there will be 8.5 billion mouths to feed. To that, ICT will play a pivotal role. Find out how.

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Better Financial Services through a Better Connected World

Fintechs have arrived on the banking scene. And Digital transformation is necessary for banks to survive. Here's how.

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Powering the future with smart grids

By 2030, 8.5 billion people will call Earth home. We need smart grids and smart metering to light up the future. Find out more.


eGovernment: Safer, smarter, and better connected

To make smart cities a reality and to power industry transformation, eGovernment's first stop is public safety.


On a health kick with connected healthcare

In less than a decade, you'll have much more control over your health. ICT enablers are the key for doctors and hospitals to make this a reality and put your health in your hands.


Smart education: What you need to know

Campus solutions can help students get the most out of education. Find out more.

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Learning for the future with Digital Leadership

Ten years from now, the job landscape will have changed. How can digital technology help tomorrow's workforce?