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WinWin Issue 36 (Powering a new post-COVID-19 paradigm)

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Issue 36

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shenzhen university wifi6

Research gets smarter in Shenzhen University Town with Wi-Fi 6

The University Town of Shenzhen (UTSZ) has formed a connectivity model that other universities and campuses can follow: the pioneering use of Wi-Fi 6, a strong understanding of smart campus construction, and building a platform that can provide the services a top-tier research hub needs.

telemedicine case 3

How telemedicine can help combat the pandemic

Most high-quality medical resources are concentrated in urban areas and tend to be much scarcer in remoter locations. When COVID-19 hit China, the traditional healthcare infrastructure in Henan couldn’t meet the needs of people cut off from tier-1 medical services. However, telemedicine proved invaluable in closing the gap.

philippines rainforest

Protecting the Palawan Rainforest in the Philippines

Palawan rainforest loses the equivalent of 7,700 football pitches a year due to human activity. But there's hope in the shape of a fully solar-powered solution comprising AI, cloud, and upcycled phones.

Tao of Business

Video like you’ve never experienced before with 5G UHD

UHD video capabilities on 5G will completely change how people enjoy live broadcasts of sport, variety shows, and big events. These new capabilities will lead to a boon in service development in consumer scenarios and showcase the vast improvements in experience that 5G makes possible.


A crucial 72 hours for hospital networks

Huoshenshan Hospital in China’s Wuhan came into being in just 10 days. Construction workers and frontline medical staff rallied together to build a medical bulwark against the coronavirus. As well as medical facilities, stable communications are key to coordinating the fight against the pandemic – and the hospital’s 5G network built in just three days.


How school moved to cloud this semester

With schools in China switching to online lessons due to the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of millions of students and teachers have flocked to online education platforms. The emergency measures put in place for these extraordinary times have transformed how schools teach.


How AI is spicing up the food industry

Hexa Food’s IoT team has deployed Huawei’s ModelArts coupled with the intelligent device Atlas 500 to accurately identify the quality of the chilies it uses in spice blends. The AI can distinguish good chilies from bad, improving production efficiency and the quality of spices available to chefs and homes across Malaysia.


Powering a new post-pandemic paradigm

In this issue, we explore how COVID-19 has created a new paradigm for society, with a more digitalized way of living emerging as the norm and online-based industries experiencing substantial growth.