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Living on to build an intelligent future

Oct 08, 2019 By Sally Gao

2019 has undoubtedly been the most challenging year in Huawei’s history. But with the trust and support of our customers and partners across the globe, we’ve kept going. We’ve done everything in our power to overcome multiple setbacks to provide better technology, products, and services for our customers.

We’ve continued to contribute heavily to the wave of globalization, digitalization, and smartification that the world is experiencing. From chips, operating systems, and smart devices to network devices, connectivity, cloud, and computing, our focus remains on developing smart digital technologies. This is the key to unlocking progress for all industry verticals and laying the foundation for high-quality, inclusive growth that will make life and work easier and more efficient for all.

Over the past 30 years, Huawei has aimed to build the world’s best connections through innovations born of sustained R&D investment. Our strategy has expanded from connectivity to connectivity+computing, and providing the world with sufficient affordable computing power.

Over the past year, we’ve released new Ascend and Kunpeng processors for AI and general computing, respectively. We hope to propel the computing industry into a future of new and diverse computing capabilities that will underpin a fully connected, intelligent world. At the fourth HUAWEI CONNECT in September 2019, we debuted our computing strategy and launched the fastest ever AI training cluster, the Atlas 900. With this new technology, Huawei hopes to accelerate the smartification of scientific research and business innovation.

The planet is facing tremendous challenges, including environmental destruction, global warming, disease, and uneven development. An enormous digital divide still exists between nations, which we’re hoping to help close through our digital inclusion initiative TECH4ALL. Focusing on the three priorities of technology, applications, and skills, we’re  working with our global partners in four domains: education, healthcare, development, and the environment. Our target is to extend the benefits of digital technology to an additional 500 million people within five years.

As Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei said, our survival philosophy can be summed up in three words: To live on! On the road ahead we will face many challenges, but we still see the smart society of the future beckoning like an ocean of stars – one that imbues us with the vision to keep striving for a better connected, intelligent world.

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