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WinWin Issue 34

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Issue 34

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AICTO: Ensuring equal ICT development across the Arab League

AICTO Secretary-General Mohamed Ben Amor explains his organization’s approach to ensuring ICT develops equally in Arab League nations with Huawei’s help.


Safeguarding rainforests with AI

Every year deforestation leads to 50,000 species going extinct. Without expanding digital solutions to the problem, the Earth’s rainforests could disappear within 40 years.

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On the road to digital skills with DigiTruck

The benefits that technology bring aren’t being felt by everyone, not least because many people lack the skills to access the online world. With the right partnerships and approach, however, this is starting to change.


TrackAI: Stopping blindness in its tracks

Up to 80 percent of visual impairments in children are preventable or curable if caught early enough. AI is now making that possible.


China Southern Power Grid: Energy supply gets smart with AI

Given the burgeoning demand for power in southern China, smart energy solutions are a must. Find out how China Southern Power Grid is deploying AI to take on keys tasks and ensure homes remain lit and businesses powered.    


Smart mining: Extracting the power of AI

With one-third of its underground land mass covered with coal deposits, coal mining is the lifeblood of China’s Shanxi province, providing half of its revenue and 1 in 20 jobs. However, the industry is traditionally dirty, dangerous, and inefficient. Now that’s starting to change with the AI-powered Mine Brain solution.


Living on to build an intelligent future

2019 has undoubtedly been the most challenging year in Huawei’s history. But with the trust and support of our customers and partners across the globe, we’ve kept going, overcoming multiple setbacks to provide better technology, products, and services for our customers.

A new standard for giving you better Wi-Fi

Broadband Forum CEO Robin Mersh explains how the TR-398 standard allows the quality of Wi-Fi to be measured for the first time and what this means for carriers and consumers.