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Communicate Issue 88

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Issue 88

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Building seamless connectivity with F5G and 5G

Driven by 10G PON and Wi-Fi 6, Huawei believes that F5G will open the door to a golden decade for the fixed broadband industry.

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Latin American operators accelerate full-fiber deployment with unique FTTH model

As the lifecycle of copper networks approaches its end, Latin American operators have been quick to set out strategies for building full-fiber network infrastructure, developing a unique Latin American FTTH development model.

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10G PON empowers operators with a wider range of applications and customers

OVUM explains why operators must start deploying 10G PON now to stay competitive, deliver services like cloud VR and cater, and meet the changing needs of industry verticals like education.

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CurbPON accelerates full-fiber network transformation from copper lines

After analyzing the characteristics of live copper networks, Huawei developed CurbPON to maximize the value of copper sites and quickly and cost-effectively deploy FTTH networks. Here's how CurbPON works.

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China Telecom Sichuan powers cloud VR with dual-gigabit services

China Telecom Sichuan's new dual-gigabit service will open up the cloud VR industry by clearing the final hurdle for the technology to enter millions of households on the back of an end-to-end ecosystem.

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China Telecom Shanghai’s smart gigabit private line drives SME cloud migration

In 2019, China Telecom Shanghai became the world's first telco to launch a smart private line product for SMEs, choosing Huawei's BusinessPON private line solution as the optimum solution.

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Thailand’s 3BB wins gamer market with smart home broadband

90% of broadband users in Thailand are online gamers, making them a profitable demographic, but one with very strict demands on latency. To meet their needs, 3BB chose Huawei's embedded AI and PremiumWi-Fi solution to deliver the necessary quality.