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Huawei joins hands with Chindata to win the DCD global annual Living at the Edge Award

Dec 06, 2018

[London, UK, December 6, 2018]Recently, Huawei and Chindata won the DCD global annual Living at the Edge Award. Previously, Huawei joined hands with Chindata to obtain the DCD Living at the Edge Award in the Asia Pacific region. Now, Huawei has won the DCD global annual Living at the Edge Award. This award not only means the industry's recognition of Huawei's datacenter solutions, but also recognizes Huawei's leadership, originality, and innovation in the data center field.

Chindata is a third-party IDC integrated carrier in China. It also deploys edge data centers and hyperscale data centers. At present, Chindata has eight hyperscale data centers which is operated or in construction. To address the massive data brought by 5G and AI, Chindata is operated at the 220+ edge data center to meet the low latency and high reliability requirements of end users.

Zhuang Ying, vice president and CFO of Chindata , highly recognized Huawei's professional capabilities, she said:" the 220+ edge data center, which is close to user terminals, collects, sorts, and transmits the data that needs to be calculated to our core hyperscale data center in a quickest way. Our large-scale benchmark projects have innovative modular design concepts and flexible capacity expansion features, uses Huawei slow-load, high-efficiency, and highly reliable UPS5000-E power supply and distribution solution, which fits Chindata Huai lai data center customers' requirements for fast and reliable edge computing access, we will continue to work with Huawei to explore innovative technologies that support large-scale and edge convergence."

Han Dong, the Marketing Director of Huawei Data Center Energy Field, said: " The global annual award of DCD is the result of Huawei’s adherence to innovation, and its strong alliance with Chindata. It is a win-win situation for both parties. In the future, Huawei will continue to innovate and provide customers with green, efficient, secure, reliable, and intelligent O&M data center solutions to create the best economic benefits for customers."

Currently, Huawei has deployed data center solutions globally, covering multiple key industries such as government, ISP, carrier, finance, and transportation. In addition, Huawei has won the trust of multiple customers in many countries such as Europe and the South Pacific, in addition, Huawei has maintained a long-term and stable partnership, providing intelligent and all-round power assurance for global users.