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Huawei CloudFabric Helps Wuxi Telecom Build a Cloud-based Multi-Tenant Data Center Network

Mar 07, 2017

[Shenzhen, China, March 7, 2017] China Telecom Wuxi Branch (Wuxi Telecom) has successfully completed a smooth upgrade from a traditional data center to a cloud-based multi-tenant data center. This was achieved using Huawei's CloudFabric Data Center Network Solution. Wuxi Telecom and Huawei are proud to announce an official transition to cloud-based multi-tenant services.

The purpose of a cloud-based multi-tenant data center network is to effectively integrate the segmented resources of traditional data center operations. As an added benefit, the data center improves collaboration and operations and maintenance (O&M) capabilities of tenant service provisioning and network configuration. This effectively meets the growing requirements of local enterprises, government, and research institutions — laying a solid foundation for future cloud transformation.

Whilst Wuxi Telecom's services continue to develop and grow, data center operations focusing on traditional services such as solution consultation, IT infrastructure rental, and IT outsourcing have encountered bottlenecks. After implementing various changes such as capacity expansion, lease renewal, and lease termination of different tenants, a data center can often contain segmented infrastructure resources, such as standalone racks.

Racks separately rented by the same tenant may be located in different equipment rooms, or even different data centers. In an effort to reduce operating expenses (OPEX) and improve overall tenant experience, operators must make efficient use of segmented resources, simplify O&M of tenant resources located across multiple data centers, and ensure the efficient collaboration and rapid provisioning of tenant services and network configurations.

Wuxi Telecom now experiences improved resource utilization, accelerated service provisioning, and simplified O&M in its data center. This is all a direct result of Huawei's CloudFabric Data Center Network Solution, which consists of an Agile Controller and CloudEngine data center switches. Furthermore, Huawei's solution is based on SDN architecture and utilizes Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) technology in creating a large Layer 2 virtual network. This enables the integration of scattered rack resources and unified management of resources in different regions for a single tenant. Moreover, the Agile Controller automatically translates service languages into network configurations.

This allows automated deployment, reducing the service provisioning time to a matter of minutes, while flexibly supporting future cloud transformation. This solution allows for the application of virtual and physical networks to be mutually visible. Additionally, it provides Big Data-based intelligent analysis, significantly improving O&M efficiency. Ultimately, this greatly simplifies maintenance and results in the reduction of a fault location period to several minutes or less.

Zou Yifeng, Deputy General Manager of Wuxi Telecom, said "Wuxi Telecom is dedicated to innovating the data center field and building a cloud-based multi-tenant data center. This will allow for the provision of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) services, improve tenant experience, and lower OPEX. We concluded through comprehensive assessment that Huawei's CloudFabric Data Center Network Solution uses the industry's best cloud network architecture, and will address our need to build a multi-tenant cloud data center."

Yu Li, General Manager of the Huawei Data Center Network Domain, said, "We want to thank Wuxi Telecom for choosing Huawei to construct their SDN multi-tenant data center. We believe that the next 5 to 10 years will be a crucial period for cloud transformation throughout various industries. Different development stages have corresponding development requirements.

“Therefore, using cloud-based network architecture to upgrade a traditional data center network is a premier option for the cloud transformation of infrastructure. Huawei would like to continue pursuing joint innovations with customers such as Wuxi Telecom in the fields of cloud computing and cloud-based networks. With them, we plan to lead new ICT and achieve digital transformations."

Huawei's CloudFabric Data Center Network Solution has been successfully deployed in over 1,200 data centers across more than 120 countries. Huawei is consistently focused on customer-centric principles and in collaboration with global carriers to create a better connected world.