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Huawei Wins "2016 Modular UPS Company of the Year Award"

Nov 10, 2016

[Paris, France, November 10, 2016] Frost & Sullivan presented the "2016 Company of the Year Award" to Huawei at the grand award ceremony in Paris in recognition of Huawei's product innovation, industry leadership, and outstanding contributions to the sustainable development of the modular UPS industry. This is the second time this year that Huawei has claimed industry honors. Huawei previously won the Platinum Award at DataCenter Insider’s IT Awards 2016 in Germany.

Fang Liangzhou, VP of Huawei Network Energy, attended the Award Ceremony held by Frost & Sullivan in Paris

As the top awards of the ICT energy sector, Frost & Sullivan’s awards acknowledge a company's excellent performance and contributions in leadership, technological innovation, customer services, and strategic products R&D. Huawei's winning of this award represents that Huawei's next-generation solutions to the data center energy infrastructure are recognized and widely used in ICT industries across the globe. Huawei as a leader in market share, and in innovative solutions and products focused on adding value for customers and society has earned recognition by the whole industry. Up to now, Huawei UPS has found wide applications across global industries and boasts a variety of customers, including the Hong Kong Airport, London Underground, Imperial College London, China Mobile, and Holland BIT.

Gautham Gnanajothi, a senior analyst at Frost & Sullivan, pointed out that "Huawei's visionary innovations and technology excellence places it at the forefront of the modular UPS industry. Its strong R&D culture combined with extensive intellectual property provides a unique edge in the market. Frost & Sullivan believes Huawei's path-breaking modular UPS systems will be a boon to end users, providing much needed relief to industry pain points. According to a Frost & Sullivan market report, Huawei was ranked number 1 in market share of the Global modular UPS market in 2015. The company's superior technology and expertise combined with its focus and dedication resulted delivered an industry leading modular UPS product. In light of Huawei's excellence in the global modular UPS industry, Frost & Sullivan presented the '2016 Company of the Year Award' to Huawei."

Fang Liangzhou, VP of Huawei Network Energy, said at the ceremony that "Modular UPS was created for data centers. Modular UPS features high energy efficiency, flexible scalability, and simple O&M, which perfectly match the requirements of data centers in the cloud era. In the field of data centers, the industry focuses on improving energy efficiency in addition to flexibly satisfying the needs of rapid service growth. Rising energy costs, intense environmental restrictions, and higher power densities are the driving forces behind UPS products. The other challenge lies in how to provide users with solutions to the flexibility and scalability of data centers. Manufacturers must produce UPS products that are scalable to cater for service growth. Due to increasing demands on modular UPS products and fierce competition, UPS providers must continue to innovate to bring about advanced modular architectures and further enhance product flexibility and reliability. Huawei focuses on modular UPS R&D and invests heavily in this regard. So far, Huawei has deployed four UPS R&D centers around the world with over 300 engineers and claimed over 100 UPS patents.”

Huawei's network energy product line has merged communications with power electronics technology to drive the advancement and innovation in the Network Energy industry. Huawei adopted the most sophisticated topology architecture in UPS to ensure the product efficiency and reliability.

After years of continuous innovation, Huawei's Network Energy has integrated digital information technology, IoT technology, and network communications technology. Huawei's network energy product line provides end-to-end solutions covering the data center, UPS, communications energy, and smart PV plant, and has launched many products well received by the whole industry. Besides, facing rapid IT growth, which is likely to outrun Moore's Law, and the laggard development of data center infrastructure, there must be a convergence of technologies across industries. By leveraging solid technical build-up in the ICT sector, Huawei will continue promoting the development of data center infrastructure.