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Huawei and Infosys Jointly Launch Smart Stadium Solution

Oct 20, 2015

[Shenzhen, China, October 20, 2015] Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, together with Infosys launched today a Smart Stadium Solution. The solution provides high-speed Wi-Fi access and smart services for users in sports stadiums and exhibition centers. The interconnection between Infosys’ Entertainment Experience Platform and Huawei’s Agile Network enables innovative service experiences and operational models.

Ma Da (left), General Manager for Huawei Agile Network Solution, and Sudip Singh (right), Senior Vice President of Infosys, are launching the Smart Stadium Solution together.

Since rolling out its Agile Stadium Solution in 2012, Huawei has been operating wireless network projects for sports stadiums worldwide. By deploying fully-connected wireless networks in stadiums, Huawei provides high-speed Internet services for spectators. However, as the mobile consumption and digital marketing are prevailing, offering only Internet services has failed to accommodate the requirements of stadium operators for digital operations and that of spectators for a better connected experience. Stadium operators need truly fully-connected services, including wireless networks and innovative services. If mobile terminals and apps are connected to shops, games, and cameras in a stadium, spectators are able to enjoy innovative match-watching and consumption experiences.

The megatrend of better connected stadiums brings Huawei and Infosys together. Huawei has accumulated extensive experience in the network realm, so has Infosys in the IT consulting and software fields. Combining advantages of the two companies, Huawei and Infosys have developed a smart service and operation solution, which is based on a fully-connected WLAN network and oriented towards better connected stadiums. In the joint solution, Huawei provides the WLAN network infrastructure, while Infosys offers a service and operation platform.

Huawei’s Agile Controller transmits user and terminal information to Infosys’ service platform through network interfaces, assisting stadium operators in provisioning innovative services and gaining more revenue. The innovative services include:

 Access authentication of wireless users via mobile terminal apps After implementing Wi-Fi access authentication by logging in to a mobile app, spectators can enjoy a variety of online services offered by a stadium. The value in combining the app with Wi-Fi is increasing users’ frequency of using the app by making it as a unified ingress for the stadium operator to provision services.

 Information pushing based on user location According to the terminal location obtained by the WLAN network, users’ apps can receive relevant information such as special offers and exhibition center services when they arrive at the preset location. In other words, specific information can be pushed to users’ apps based on their geographical location, so that information pushing will be more precise.

 Precision marketing based on digital technology application Infosys’ Entertainment Experience Platform achieves an integration of the physical with the digital by providing personalized, scenario-specific content, thus enhancing user experiences and creating new business opportunities for stadium operators and event sponsors. The platform offers online navigation via apps, scenario-specific service management, live video broadcasting, and social media integration, allowing end users to enjoy a brand new experience.

 Multi-tenant platform The platform supports multiple locations and operators at the same venue. The cloud-based platform is scalable, reliable and can offer both B2B and B2C services

The joint solution of Huawei and Infosys is not merely a simple combination of the network and applications. Instead, it enables applications to schedule the network resource, while allowing for application innovation on the network. The value of their cooperation lies in improving both match-watching experiences and stadium operations through the innovative services and operational models for spectators and stadium operators.

Quotes Sudip Singh, Senior Vice President and Global Head, Engineering Services, Infosys: “Today’s entertainment hubs offer a great opportunity for traditional physical entities to transform themselves by adding a digital layer. The potential to deliver value to stakeholders – attendees and entertainment center owners – increases exponentially because of the intersection of the physical and the digital. Infosys’ rich Entertainment Experience Platform, together with Huawei’s market-leading Wi-Fi infrastructure, unlocks this value. This joint global solution will deliver a truly engaging end-user experience while unlocking significant business opportunities to entertainment center owners and event sponsors.”

Ma Da, General Manager for Agile Network Solution, Huawei: “The critical point of the Smart Stadium Solution is to link all people, games, terminals, and displays in the stadium through a fully connected wireless network. Moreover, through the in-depth coupling of the network and applications, our solution brings spectators an excellent and enjoyable experience. Stadium operators and event sponsors can also achieve more effective operations via the fully-connected digital platform.”

Till date, Huawei has deployed Wi-Fi networks in more than 20 famous stadiums worldwide, such as the home stadiums of Borussia Dortmund (BVB) in Germany, AFC Ajax in the Netherlands, and Gold Coast Suns in Australia, as well as the national stadiums of countries such as China, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan.