Raising Above The Disaster Recovery Horizon for Telcos

Though, almost all Telcos do has some form of disaster recovery plan in place, particularly to deal with the information technologies recovery that support their businesses and operation. Disaster Recovery Planning facilitate Telcos to recovery from technologies outages that affect their operation. Unfortunately, crisis management (including crisis communication) often were not part of the Disaster Recovery Planning consideration. The mindset of traditional approach of DR planning should revisit and realign to include Crisis Management and communication, especially with the proliferation of social media and other forms of communication medium which potentially would complicate the challenges Telcos would be encountering when an incidents happened. This whitepaper attempt to introduce and recommend the major components of Crisis Management Planning emphasising on Crisis Communication so as to mitigate unfavorable or even damaging communication vaccum during outages that may have the potential of evolving into a major disasters for Telcos if due to negligent.

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