HUAWEI Partners with Dynatrace to Develop the First Holistic ICT CEM Solution

[Shenzhen, China, Jan 10, 2016]Huawei, a leading global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Dynatrace, a global leading provider in application performance management (APM), to jointly innovate and develop the first holistic ICT Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution. The agreement will see the telecommunications CEM industry evolve from network based experience management to a whole customer lifecycle based ICT end-to-end integrated service experience management.

Unlike the telco industries traditional Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, the ICT based CEM solution will focus on customer lifecycle based ICT integrated service experience management, which fully covers the customer experience at any ICT touch points, including customer awareness, buying services, using services, seeking customer support, to recommendation and sharing with others.  It also encompasses the omni-channel capability which enables connected customer experience across all traditional and digital channels.

Under the operators’ ICT transformation wave, in order to meet end users and enterprise customers’ increasingly demanding personalized and diversified experience requirements, HUAWEI SmartCare®, a leading CEM solution in Telco, manages experience across the customer lifecycle by associating QoE, service quality and network performance and creates customer centricity, superior experience, and efficiency. 

By partnering with Dynatrace, Huawei is looking to transform service management into a future-proofed fully digital ICT integrated service experience management. This will be done by helping operators measure the true perceived end-to-end ICT integrated service experience from end users, network channel (FBB or MBB) to servers or applications with service insight capability of complex deployment environments like IT clouds and virtualization. 

Howard Liang, Senior Vice President and President of Global Technical Services, Huawei, said: 

“The CEM industry is one of Huawei's key strategic investment directions. Together with our industry partners, Huawei focuses a tremendous amount of effort in the development of our CEM portfolio. We gradually develop the metrics, processes, organizations and platforms required to help operators transform from network-centric to customer-centric operations. In partnership with Dynatrace we aim to evolve ICT CEM solutions that will provide operators competitive advantage in the digital economy.”

“A great customer experience is the lifeline for enterprise development in the Internet era,” said Wayne Ju, Regional Director for Dynatrace Greater China, “As the global APM leader, Dynatrace is committed to improving the customer experience and contributing to the digital transformation of the enterprise. Dynatrace Digital Performance Management (DPM) solution helps enterprises to proactively fully understand their customers’ experience in order to manage its digital business. Through this strategic cooperation with Huawei, we will jointly build an integrated end-to-end ICT CEM platform to better serve telecom operators, as well as achieve win-win developments in the Internet era.”