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Digital transformation has become the consensus of various industries. Its key feature is to integrate business in various fields with new ICT technologies to achieve higher efficiency, better experience, and innovative business models. At present, various industries have introduced some ICT capabilities more or less, and localized business digitization attempts, such as introducing video management systems to enhance park security, introducing big data to support business decisions, and precision marketing. In the 2019 HC exhibition area, Huawei will show you the digital platform capabilities in all aspects, and bring the value brought by Huawei's own digital transformation success to the enterprise.

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The booth allows visitors to experience comprehensive campus services with intelligence at fingertips. It will also demonstrate intelligent operation center, smart access, integrated security management, digital OA, energy efficiency management, facility management, and environmental space applications on Huawei's own campus, as well as digital applications for real estate, government, education, and chemical engineering industries.


Based on the strategy of “Platform + Ecosystem”, Huawei EBG works for the enterprise ICT digital transformation and OpenLab is the executive platform of this strategy. Huawei OpenLab provide such an open platform which insists on the concept of “Open, Cooperation, Win-win” and try to establish the core value: Platform, Ecosystem and Innovation. Another thing is the convergence of technology, talents and ecosystem, which benefits for better innovation with partners and customers and enables verification for technical solution in mirror-imaged network environment. Thus to promote the competitive of products and solution, which can adapt to the customer requests. Through the OpenLab platform, Huawei and Partners can realize the valuable aggregation and the healthy development of the whole industry chains to create great value for customers’ business success. Building OpenLab is an important action to build the ICT ecosystem together. Huawei hopes to be the power and foundation of ICT Ecosystem in the future smart society.

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Intelligent cities lie at the heart of the booming digital economy. The intelligent world is around the corner, and new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing the ways cities evolve. Digitalization and intelligence now actively influence city operations, our work, and our lives, unlocking a new kind of vitality and re-shaping urban values. In the digital transformation of industries, Huawei proposes the "1+1+N" concept for intelligent city construction based on the "Platform + Ecosystem" strategy. The concept includes the Horizon Digital Platform for Cities, Intelligent Operation Center (IOC), and N intelligent applications. We aim to redefine city information infrastructure and invigorate city values. At HC 2019, Huawei and its partners will demonstrate "1+1+N" and other innovative solutions and tell the story of city development with real cases, under the theme of "HiCity". We look forward to your presence at intelligent city booths, Hall 3, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center.

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An intelligent world is right around the corner, and AI and 5G are seeing wide application in all industries. The impact on every person, home, and organization is nothing short of profound. To make the most of opportunities in this new world, all organizations need to embrace and activate intelligence to seize market opportunities, improve operation efficiency, and stimulate industry innovation. How are new technologies helping to promote the digital transformation of education? How can we build an education system that deeply integrates ICT with education practices, to allow everyone to learn anytime and anywhere? These are the main problems facing the education industry and they require an imminent solution. In the Hall 3 exhibition area of HUAWEI CONNECT 2019, Huawei will showcase innovative education solutions under the theme of 'Smart Education'. These solutions include interactive distance teaching, VR teaching, and education cloud services, covering innovative teaching, efficient research, and high quality campus services. We look forward to your visit.

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Safe City

Innovation moves fast and it moves ever faster in the smart world. Indeed, breakthrough technologies such as AI and 5G are already being widely used across industries, impacting every person, home, and organization. Huawei provides a series of C-C4ISR Safe City solutions to support the vision of "Collaborative Public Safety." These solutions help public safety customers improve inter-agency and inter-community collaboration, reduce crime rates, and comprehensively improve crisis prevention and emergency response capabilities. In the HUAWEI CONNECT 2019 exhibition hall, Huawei showcases a variety of innovative Safe City solutions, including Intelligent Command & Control, HoloSens Software-Defined Camera, Video Cloud & Big Data, and Inclusive Safe City Network. These innovative solutions cover incident prevention, detection, response, and recovery processes. Together, they enhance public safety, in turn facilitating the digital transformation of cities and the entire public safety industry. We look forward to your participation.

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Safety, operation and service are the eternal pursuit of transportation, but they are mutually restrictive. Huawei continuously maximizes the number of conventions of the three through the new ICT technology. Intelligent transportation promotes the digital transformation, improves the efficiency of urban transportation and passenger travel experience through new ICT technologies such as cloud computing, big data, video cloud, AI, GIS, and so on. The exhibition area shows solutions of intelligent track, intelligent airport and intelligent highway.

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Intelligent Finance

The Smart Branch booth will demonstrate scenarios with enhanced financial service experience and efficiency, such as VIP identification and automatic insurance claim settlement. The Smart Data Platform booth will show smart banking operations: customer acquisition and retention via real-time processing of massive data. The Smart Core Banking booth will cover innovative services such as mobile banking and online banking. The Smart Architecture booth will display how Huawei helps banks construct distributed IT architectures using our open ICT infrastructure, such as active-active data centers, virtual banking, and financial network security.

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Intelligent Energy

An intelligent world is right around the corner, and AI and IoT are seeing wide application in all industries. More and more enterprises have realized the value and importance of AI and IoT and strengthened their resolve to accelerate digital transformation. In the Energy exhibition area of HUAWEI CONNECT 2019, Huawei showcases its innovative solutions, including electric power IoT, power AI, oil and gas IoT, oil and gas AI, and cloud- and AI-enabled intelligent coal blending, based on the application of AI and IoT in the electric power, oil and gas, and mining fields.

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Intelligent Auto Solution

As a key technology in the automotive sector, ICT is gradually replacing mechanics and infusing automobiles with digital and intelligence. Huawei is positioned as an incremental auto part supplier for intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs). By leveraging ICT such as chips, OSs, networks, clouds, and AI, Huawei has developed five intelligent automotive solutions, including Smart Driving, Internet of Vehicle, Smart Cockpit, mPower, and Vehicle Cloud Service. Huawei is actively cooperating with industry partners to construct a harmonious ecosystem, enabling automotive OEMs to produce improved vehicles and bring digital to every vehicle.

Industrial Internet

Huawei's industrial Internet platform focuses on connecting management platforms, industrial intelligence agent, and industrial application platforms to help industrial enterprises achieve quality, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement of the entire scene. The three-part capability is demonstrated in three scenarios: 1) the connection management platform extends the powerful capabilities of the cloud to the edge through the cloud-side collaborative architecture to meet the needs of industrial low-latency; 2) the industrial agent displays through intelligent services Showcase the application of new technologies such as AI and 5G in various fields and links of industry, and improve the efficiency of work for industrial enterprises. 3) The industrial application platform demonstrates the ability of IMC+ROMA to help industrial enterprises transformation through the R&D and design. eliminate data islands, design coordination, design and manufacturing synergy, reduce costs and efficiency for enterprises, and provide end-to-end digital transformation consulting.


The increasingly hostile cyber security situation and digital transformation of enterprises are posing greater challenges on efforts to comply with global cyber security and privacy protection standards. Together with ecosystem partners, Huawei HiSec Solution helps customers achieve security, reliability, and service continuity required for digital transformation initiatives, building a secure, trustworthy, and intelligent world.

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Intelligent Service

The Intelligent Service exhibition area is composed of three modules: Service Platform, Professional Services, and Service Ecosystem.  Huawei is dedicated to providing customers with safe, quality, and trusted service assurance through its Service Platform. At the Service Platform exhibition booth, you can experience the Global Service Center (GSC) self-service and intelligent pre-sales/after-sales material acquisition.  Professional Services are intended to enable industry customers to complete cloud-based transformation. The Industry Cloud Enablement Service includes the Smart Data Enablement Service, Cloud Migration and Operation Support Service, and Application Cloud Enablement Service, among others. Huawei offers intelligent O&M services through the IMOC platform to overcome such customer challenges as complex O&M, high requirements for O&M skills, and the lack of a unified O&M platform.  The Service Ecosystem aims to continuously build a healthy ICT talent ecosystem and cultivate ICT talent for industries. At the Service Ecosystem exhibition booth, you can learn about Huawei's HCIX certification system, AI Talent Cultivation Program, and Talent Ecosystem Digital Platform.

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Intelligent Data Center

Focus on Cloud and AI, based on Kunpeng's OceanStor intelligent storage, AI-Native database GaussDB, Taishan series servers, HUAWEI CLOUD Stack and other products and services, to build ultra-high-speed experience, lower energy consumption, easy O&M, and simple architecture Full-Stack Intelligent Data Center solution and accelerates customer digital transformation

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Transmission & Access

Focusing on "Why choose POL, why choose Huawei, and the ultimate experience" , visitors will experience how Huawei's Campus OptiX solution can help enterprise to create a high-quality all-optical campus network, build ubiquitous optical connection for any service, anywhere, anyone. OptiXtrans DC908 is an intelligent data center interconnect product from the optical industry leader. Welcome to this booth to experience the cutting-edge technologies for yourself. Hands-on experience with the latest data center interconnect solution and technologies.

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The HUAWEI CLOUD + AI exhibition area presents HUAWEI CLOUD's popular new services and solutions, which offer leading full-stack AI capabilities, superior performance, hybrid cloud, fertile ecosystem, security and trustworthiness, and worldwide local support. Join us to learn how HUAWEI CLOUD is enabling business success for customers.

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HIntelligent Computing

The Kunpeng Computing Platform and Ascend Computing Platform built on Huawei's in-house chips include the Atlas series AI computing products, TaiShan servers and solutions, and extensive applications co-built by Huawei and partners.

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TShowcase of Huawei's Kunpeng and Ascend ecosystems A range of products, tools, and open-source contributions: Operator development, AI development platform and framework, big data, speech recognition and semantic interpretation, image processing, microservices, containers, DevOps, and IoT Developer Center — a full development experience. Earn certifications, practice and improve new skills, compete, and create market-ready solutions.

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Innovative Cloud Service infrastructure booth introduces the business trends and changes of MTDC, MSP, and OTT customers, resulting in data center requirements and challenges, and Huawei's cloud-based data center infrastructure in typical scenarios. Intelligent Access and Cloud Connectivity booth mainly introduces the business trends and changes of IAP, IXP and MTDC customers, resulting in the demand and challenges of access, optical transport and IP bearer networks, as well as Huawei's rich enterprise network products. Program capabilities and cases in a typical scenario

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Advocacy to promote digital inclusion, huawei hopes to Use join relevant expertise and skills, such as digital technology application can assign a personal family organization, to build the world of all things connected intelligence digital inclusion is refers to the equal Access to individuals and groups (Access) and Use (Use) information and communication technology (ICT) chance TECH4ALL huawei's digital inclusion topic oriented initiative and long term action to join skills, three measures to support to solve digital inclusion barriers, practice protect the fragile environment of equal quality education to promote the balanced development The four major directions of action are to promote health and well-being, advance the sustainable development goals (SDGs), and realize the positive cycle of social and business values

Enterprise Networking

With the continuous in-depth application of AI in all walks of life, the IP network used by enterprise customers has entered the era of intelligence. Huawei builds an IP network for the intelligent age based on four new engine products continuously released. In the digital exhibition area, the four major engine products (AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 products, CloudEngine switch products, NetEnging router products, HiSecEngine network security products) and key competitive technologies are fully displayed. At the same time, the four major engines are displayed in the campus network, data center network and wide area. Innovative applications in the four main scenarios of network and network security bring customers the best experience of intelligent connection, intelligent operation and maintenance and intelligent learning.

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