Ideals are not enough. We also need new theory. Ideals give us a vision, and theory gives us the means to achieve it. Over the next 10 to 20 years, we must boldly explore new technological concepts, mathematical models, and algorithms, and in doing so provide society with new theoretical approaches in these areas. In the future, networks will be standardized, simplified, and easy to use. We must broaden our horizons, have a global view, and work together to create value. We must build networks on globally unified standards. And we need to make our contribution to the concepts, theory, and architecture of future data transmission.

—Guo Ping, Rotating and Acting CEO

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Information technology has grown beyond the confines of its own industry to drive technological innovation and development across multiple domains. The extent to which a company, organization, or a country embraces digital technology will determine its future competitiveness. In order to enable digital transformation across all industries, drive stable development in the ICT ecosystem, and contribute to social progress, we must foster open collaboration with partners all along the value chain. Throughout this process, Huawei will remain true to its pipe strategy, focusing on ICT infrastructure development to create value for our customers.

—Sun Yafang, Chairwoman of the Board

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Our focus on pipe strategy produced remarkable results in 2015



CNY million

Net profit


CNY million

Cash flow from operating activities


CNY million

  • A ROADS experience drives carriers'
    digital transformation
  • The MBB 2020 Strategy outlines a
    new blueprint
  • Entering the Gigaband era
  • The BDII guiding principle fuels innovation
  • Smart devices with an inspired experience
  • 4.5G helps carriers tap into vast new markets
  • Accelerating 5G development through extensive innovation
  • Building a cloud ecosystem
  • Actively supporting developers
  • Adopting a Product + Service strategy
  • Establishing partner alliances

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Continuing to increase investment into the future and build a collaborative and
win-win industry ecosystem

  • In 2015, we invested 15% of our revenue in R&D, totaling CNY59.6 billion. Total R&D investment over the past decade exceeded CNY240 billion.
  • Total patents granted: 50,377
  • Huawei has 16 R&D centers, 36 joint innovation centers, and approximately 79,000 R&D employees, and cooperates with global innovators.
  • The Huawei Innovation Research Program (HIRP) attracted over 1,000 scholars and sponsored over 100 new research projects in 2015.
  • Huawei was a member of over 300 standards organizations, industry alliances, and open source communities, and held over 280 important positions. The total number of proposals we have submitted exceeded 43,000.
  • We have launched a Developer Enablement Plan, and plan to invest US$1 billion in this plan over the next five years.

Bridging the digital divide to promote the harmonious and sustainable development of the economy, society, and the environment

Bridging the Digital Divide

  • Deployed products and solutions in over 170 countries and regions to serve nearly 3 billion people

Supporting Stable and Secure Network Operations

  • Supported the stability of over 1,500 customer networks and network stability for over 130 major events and natural disasters worldwide

Promoting Environmental Protection

  • Reduced the landfill rate of waste to 2.03%
  • Cooperated with suppliers to reduce over 77,000 tons of CO 2 emissions

Seeking Win-Win

  • Rolled out the CSR flagship program Seeds for the Future in 67 countries to benefit over15,000 participants

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Building a Better Connected World and continuously creating value for our customers and society

Ubiquitous Broadband

  • Ubiquitous networks with a superior user experience
  • Enablement of customers' transformation towards Internetized operations
  • Integration of content, applications, and development resources worldwide

Agile Innovation

  • One-stop ICT infrastructure
  • Adaptation to vertical industry requirements
  • Smooth migration via hybrid clouds
  • Prompt identification of business opportunities via Big Data

Inspired Experience

  • Consumer centricity; a top smart device brand preferred and trusted by consumers
  • Innovative premium products
  • Device-cloud synergy that provides a superior user experience under all scenarios