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China Mobile and Huawei Release White Paper on 5G Energy Efficiency Evaluation

Jun 24, 2022

[Beijing, China, June 24, 2022] China Mobile and Huawei jointly released the 5G Wireless Network Energy Efficiency Evaluation White Paper 1.0 at the cloud-based "Technology Enables Dual Carbon, Green Leads the Future" Forum of the 2022 Science and Technology Week & Mobile Information Industry Chain Innovation Conference. This white paper provides the industry's first definition of a multi-dimensional energy efficiency evaluation system for 5G wireless networks. It helps accurately measure network energy efficiency and guide network development towards optimal performance and energy efficiency.

white paper

China Mobile and Huawei release the White Paper on 5G Wireless Network Energy Efficiency Evaluation

Green and dual carbon are the two strategic focuses of the communications industry. The industry still faces challenges in scientifically measuring and evaluating green 5G networks and guiding the industry to continuously innovate in green products and networks. Ever since proposing the green network evaluation concept featuring multi-dimensional energy efficiency metrics in May last year, Huawei has actively carried out research on and verification of innovation in hardware, software, site, and network collaboration. Huawei also defined a multi-dimensional energy efficiency evaluation system that combines experience and energy-saving performance together with China Mobile and other industry partners.

Aiming at proposing effective energy efficiency evaluation metrics for building networks, this white paper puts forward new evaluation criteria, such as service experience, to add to existing ones such as the ratio of traffic to energy consumption. It analyzes and proposes a multi-dimensional network energy efficiency evaluation method that covers metrics such as traffic, energy consumption, and performance of wireless networks, to guide logical and scientific evaluation and lead wireless networks towards optimal performance and maximum energy saving.

Gan Bin, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei Wireless Solution, said: "We hope more industry partners will join us to further standardize and promote the multi-dimensional energy efficiency evaluation system across the world to form unified criteria, paving the way for global operators to achieve their green strategic goals."

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