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China Mobile Hangzhou and Huawei Release Industry's First White Paper on 5G+F5G City Construction

May 25, 2020

[Hangzhou, China, May 25, 2020] China Mobile Hangzhou and Huawei have held the "5G+F5G City of Hangzhou, the First of Its Kind" launch conference, together with partners including the 5G industry alliance, Security and Protection Industry Association, IoT Industry Association, and Data Resource Development Association. At the launch event, China Mobile Hangzhou and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement with industry partners to transform Hangzhou into the first 5G+F5G city and released the industry's first white paper on 5G+F5G city construction.

Hangzhou has been at the center of China's 5G development, which is home to more than 7000 5G base stations covering more than 1400 square kilometers. Hangzhou is also home to the world's first 5G SA cloud network, several benchmark applications (5G+industrial Internet, 5G+smart transportation, and 5G+block chain), automatic 5G service provisioning, and an ecosystem consisting of the 5G Industry Alliance, 5G Joint Innovation Center, and 5G Innovation Park. In terms of F5G construction, China Mobile Hangzhou's OLT devices have achieved 100% optical network coverage for the city of Hangzhou. Throughout the city, 1000 communities now have gigabit access.

Currently, F5G has been widely used in data centers, for city surveillance, and future communities.

China Mobile Hangzhou plans to further construct 800G transmission networks to double the bandwidth for various industries. All-optical switching OXC technology is used in the backbone nodes to implement one-hop connection between any two nodes in Hangzhou's optical network, contributing to its MS-level latency circles. Terabit-level DCI applications are being implemented to meet the requirements of vertical industries such as government, finance, and healthcare for cloud interconnection and real-time data processing of City Brain. An F5G-based map of the enterprise premium private line has been built to implement precise grooming of network resources. End-to-end slicing technology is used to promote the 5G+F5G ecosystem with quality experience, thereby driving Hangzhou’s transformation from the world's first 5G City to the world's first 5G+F5G city.

Industry's first white paper on 5G+F5G city released

Wang Wensheng, General Manager of China Mobile Hangzhou said, "Only combined 5G and F5G can usher in a fully connected era. China Mobile Hangzhou will continue to work with industry partners, such as Huawei, to explore 5G+F5G applications in cities, parks, communities, and homes, building a network of connections between various industries and realizing '5G+F5G to everywhere and everything' for Hangzhou's digitalization."

Richard Jin, President of Huawei Transmission & Access Product Line remarked, “China Mobile Hangzhou will definitely build on its strengths in 5G to construct 5G+F5G for Hangzhou. 5G+F5G will eventually become the standard for a digital economy, which is why Huawei has released the Intelligent OptiX Network strategy for F5G. Through end-to-end product and solution innovations, we will fully support China Mobile Hangzhou in building a world-leading F5G network in terms of digital economy, governance, and everyday life, helping Hangzhou achieve the strategic goal of the first 5G+F5G city."

Publication of the 5G+F5G city white paper signifies the deep cooperation between China Mobile Hangzhou and Huawei. In the future, the two parties will work on a world-leading information and communications infrastructure, by leveraging 5G+F5G technologies to facilitate intelligent industrial upgrades, to unleash a new era of digitalization, and contribute to Hangzhou's thriving digital economy.