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Huawei Announces ‘Best-UHD Industry Development’ White Paper at IBC 2016

Sep 12, 2016

[Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 12, 2016] Huawei held the ‘Best-UHD’ summit, which is oriented towards operators and other partners, during IBC 2016, and also published its ‘Best-UHD Industry Development’ white paper during the event.

The white paper reveals UHD (ultra-high-definition) brings opportunities to video industry players but also a series of challenges forUHD video development, and puts forward the new concept of ‘Best-UHD’ for video service development. Huawei proposes cooperation with partners in industrial chains to build-up a ‘Best-UHD’ video industry ecosystem, which provides operators and partners with advice on UHD video service transformation and development and helps lead the development of a new video industry ecosystem.

The white paper points out that UHD video services will be the fundamental for Ultra Broadband networks and that ‘Best-UHD’ will exceed the video and audio experience offered by HD (high-definition) services. As 4K and UHD video services are stepping into the rapid development phase, UHD industry development is now facing a series of challenges.

Zhou Chengdong, Vice President of Digital Service Product line of Huawei, said, “Better development of the UHD video industry lies in providing end-users with next generation video and audio experiences, which are immersive, interactive and obviously better than HD. Taking advantage of IP networks to accelerate development of interactive services like video on demand and video communication and making use of cloud technology to further reduce cost and improve efficiency will be vital.

“Meanwhile, video operators and content providers should positively explore this new business model with terminals, broadband networks and content to promote business recycling and facilitate sustainable development in the UHD industry,” continued Zhou Chengdong.

Huawei believes only industry cooperation can solve problems in UHD industry development and help improve the user experience and perception of UHD video services. The key action needed to build the ‘Best-UHD’ ecosystem is to create a UHD experience which far exceeds that offered by HD.

This can be done by defining the fundamental characteristics of UHD; creating a leading standard and measurable evaluation system; constructing a new service architecture which is the most suitable one for UHD video development with all IP architecture and cloud platforms and terminals; realizing the best operations for UHD video content and services by interactive and smart operations on UHD video content and developing an ecosystem of cooperation in the UHD video industry.

‘Best-UHD Industry Development’ White Paper can be downloaded here: