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Cosmote and Huawei have successfully demonstrated 1st Super Dual Band microwave field trial in the world for multi-Giga backhauling

Mar 07, 2016

[Athens, Greece, March 7th, 2016] Cosmote & Huawei announced today the successful field trial completion of innovative microwave solution “Super Dual Band” for Multi - Giga backhauling that started in January.

Tower in Athens hosting the SDB solution services

Cosmote, Greece’s largest mobile operator and member of the OTE Group, focuses on the provision of state of the art LTE services. Years of intensive Radio Access Network development proved that mobile broadband applications increase the need for backhaul bandwidth in an exponential manner.

Microwave transmission, a key solution on mobile backhaul networks throughout the years, struggles to meet the need for multi-Giga bandwidth at long distances. Multi-Giga throughput links often require multiple hardware components, large antennas, and high spectrum resources in congested frequency bands, impacting significantly operators’ overall network total cost of ownership (TCO).

Huawei “Super Dual Band” is an innovative solution, which bonds the traditional frequency (6-42GHz) together with E-band (71-86GHz) in a unique manner, offering increased protection via special link aggregation techniques and advanced Quality of Service mechanisms. “Super Dual Band” solution combines long distance benefit of traditional frequencies together with the large capacity advantage of the E-Band, ensuring efficient multi-Giga transmission for links even exceeding 7 Km.

“The growing capacity demands for fixed and mobile backhaul require innovative solutions on wireless backhaul technologies. The combination of E-Band and traditional microwave frequency spectrum could play a significant role on this direction,” said George Tsonis, OTE Group Fixed & Mobile Network Planning & Development Executive Director.

"Huawei has started microwave cooperation with the OTE Group, member of Deutsche Telekom Group, since 2009 and we are very honored to be Deutsche Telekom microwave transmission partner now. Deutsche Telekom and Huawei will jointly focus on potential microwave innovation technology looking forward to LTE-Evo and even 5G," said by Bob Chen, the President of Huawei Microwave Product Line.