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TDC-Huawei Completes first Professional Services Showcase in Europe

Jan 05, 2016

[Copenhagen, Denmark, Jan. 5, 2016] TDC-Huawei announced today that it has completed its first Professional Services Showcase in Europe. Based on the best practices developed in the TDC Denmark project, it will open a window in Europe to show Huawei’s professional services solution and provide an experience sharing platform for global customers. The platform will offer a view of how Huawei supports operators in building Quality Brand Network, end to end (E2E) customer experience management, operation quality assurance and efficiency improvement.

The TDC Group, Denmark’s largest operator, first partnered with Huawei in 2013 under a six-year contract. After the partnership’s first year in operation data traffic over the network had increased by 130 percent, and customer satisfaction improved by 10 percent. At the 2015 Mobile World Congress TDC-Huawei announced that it had completed the best customer experience network in Denmark. In 2015, Omnitele concluded that “TDC offers the best data services in Denmark” and “Smartphone application performance in TDC network is clearly ahead of other operators in Denmark when using LTE”. A global speed test conducted by OpenSignal stated that TDC’s 4G network ranked as the world's fastest network is TDC Denmark.

"TDC Denmark’s achievement proves that, operators need to not only focus on network quality, but also care for customer experience and service quality to improve the satisfaction and loyalty of the operator’s customers,” said Weibing, Director of Marketing, Global Technical Services, Huawei. “The success of the TDC-Huawei Showcase has established a platform that will help Huawei set the direction for successful cooperation for both parties. This will serve as an experience sharing platform for global operators, and Huawei will continue to explore new approaches for TDC’s network development, as well as strengthen TDC’s long-term strategic partnerships with global operators."

Today, with the TDC-Huawei professional showcase released, visitors can get a clear view of Huawei’s full-scale professional services communications and experience sharing including network operation efficiency and quality assurance, customer experience management, Quality Brand Network modernization, and OSS platform evolution. Operators can now have a Quality Brand Network tour in Copenhagen in the Fairy tale kingdom.