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Huawei Helps China Mobile Shanghai Deploy World's First Massive MIMO Solution

Sep 17, 2015

[Shanghai, China, September 17, 2015] China Mobile Shanghai, and The Research Institute of China Mobile together with Huawei, has successfully completed the world’s first Massive MIMO solution deployment (ultra large-scale multi-antenna system) on 4G commercial network, and has passed the commercial test. Throught tests conducted using commercial smartphones, the results indicated a downlink throughput per single cell exceeding 630 Mbps with a single 20 MHz carrier and broke the record for air-interface throughput in commercial LTE-TDD networks. This means operators can now use Massive MIMO to increase spectral efficiency by three to five times, maximizing their current investment on existing sites and spectrum without adding new spectrum.

Test Results Screenshot

The Massive MIMO solution is an integral feature of LTE-TDD evolution (4.5G) and can potentially increase spetrum efficiency by six to ten times in the future. At its core is an ultra large-scale multi-antenna system where each module integrates 128 RF channels and 128 built-in antennas, featuring the maximum specification and highest integration levels in the industry. The solution supports all mainstream LTE-TDD frequency bands and is compatible with all existing 4G terminals.

As an international metropolis, Shanghai has a highly complex networking infrastructure comprising over 400 skyscrapers surpassing a hundred meters in height, more than 200 km of elevated roads, and the highest population density in China. All of these factors pose huge challenges for wireless network deployment. In order to simulate the various coverage difficulties faced in Shanghai, this testing was conducted over a dense distribution of high-rise buildings. China Mobile Shanghai adopted Huawei’s Massive MIMO solution to form continuous multi-sector coverage. By using 3D beamforming technology, a single Massive MIMO eNodeB installed at a height of 25 meters is capable of providing 3D coverage to a building 75 meters tall as well as the surrounding roads. This demonstration indicates that a single site could effectively solve coverage problems that previously could only be resolved with multiple legacy base stations. In this way, the Massive MIMO solution significantly decreases networking costs while enhancing intensive coverage.

Furthermore, the deployment repurposed existing cabinets, power supply devices, fiber optics, core network and transmission components, and other existing site resources, further reducing engineering costs by considerable amounts.

Since initiating its 4G+ network optimization program last year, China Mobile Shanghai has implemented multiple innovation projects along with Huawei and other industry partners. Its continuous technological improvements will enhance the 4G subscriber experience, advance Shanghai to a leading position in the global 4G technology and future evolution.

Massive MIMO eNodeB & Project Team

Mr. Gao Quanzhong, CTO of Huawei’s LTE TDD product line,reflected back to September 2014, where China Mobile Research Institute and Huawei jointly gave the world's first pre-commercial presentation for the LTE-TDD Massive MIMO multi-antenna solution. The verification of this revolutionary solution by China Mobile Research Institute, Huawei and China Mobile Shanghai fully demonstrated their joint innovative capability and industrial leadership in LTE-TDD evolution and research.