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Shenzhen Builds a Cloud-based Safe City Management Platform

To cope with the growth in video data amid ongoing migration, Huawei provided the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau with a new generation of intelligent cloud-based video solution with Video PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) as its core. The solution innovated the network, strengthened security, and unified video storage and retrieval. It ensured the speed, security, and reliability of the transmission, storage, and retrieval of a massive amount of video data. With an intelligent analysis platform, compatible software, and the powerful network management capabilities of Huawei's eSight IVS (intelligent video surveillance) system, control and sharing of a massive amount of video data is made possible while also unifying the operation and maintenance of a large quantity of video equipment.

In the third phase of this project, a comprehensive intelligent cloud-based video solution from Huawei was adopted, making it easy to share all types of video data and facilitating the development of intelligent applications for the future. Huawei deployed a total of 22,758 HD cameras in just three months. Also, 692 video cloud nodes were successfully deployed in 29 data centers across Shenzhen to form a video cloud, which enables continuous filming and storage in the event of a network failure or a cut in the power supply of the data center.