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Cloud X: Driving increased value from 5G investments

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Cloud X: Interactive Applications Streamed Over High-Speed Mobile Networks 5G network technology promises to disrupt existing markets, enable new business models and alter the competitive landscape for a wide number of industries. The characteristics of 5G: low latency, increased capacity, faster speeds, and potential for a much greater volume of connections: make it particularly suited as a network technology for interactive cloud-based software and services.

The Cloud X concept: a content and service delivery framework comprised of cloud-based GPU-based servers,applications streamed from the cloud, high-speed mobile connectivity and smart hardware clients: is relevant to three key use cases today: Cloud PC, Cloud Gaming and Cloud AR/VR.

This report investigates how mobile network operators can play an increasing role in the value chain for these emerging opportunities not only with the target to drive adoption of their own 5G services but also to leverage their ongoing investments in 5G technology and their network infrastructure to enter new high-growth potential markets.