Learn more about seven innovations in digital infrastructure. We are dedicated to breakthroughs to serve major application scenarios such as digital offices, smart manufacturing, wide area network (WAN), and data centers, and accelerate the development of the global digital infrastructure.

David Wang

Executive Director, President of ICT Products & Solutions,Huawei

Today, we are pleased to announce HUAWEI CLOUD's new services: two new regions in Mexico and China's Ulanqab, SparkRTC, HUAWEI CLOUD's OptVerse AI Solver, and MacroVerse which is the aPaaS of HUAWEI CLOUD for industries.

Zhang Ping'an

Executive Vice President, CEO of Cloud BU, President of Consumer Cloud Service, Huawei

How can we dive into digital? Mr. Peng Zhongyang, Huawei's Board Member, President of the Enterprise Business Group, invited partners to share their practices in the digital industry.

Peng Zhongyang

Board Member, President of Enterprise BG, Huawei

The Intelligence Base bridges the gap between industry and academia, making it an essential basis for the education reform of engineering and an ecosystem for collaboration.

Fan Hailin

Deputy Director Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education

The AI Computing Centers across China have together built up the AI Matrix, aggregating computing power, data, and ecosystems.

Zhao Zhiyun

President,Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China

We believe that the open source Zidong.Taichu, an AI multimodal large model, will be the catalyst for digitalization across all industry sectors.

Xu Bo

President, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Science

We also want to introduce the BeiMing Converged Computing Architecture, specially designed for diversified computing. This architecture features strengths in simplifying the development and deployment processes, to provide optimal performance.

Xiong Yan

President, Computing Product Line R&D, Huawei

HUAWEI CLOUD stays customer-centric. We join SaaS partners in building the MacroVerse aPaaS to serve tens of millions of developers, the Marketplace to distribute enterprise applications, and unlocking limitless business potential.

Kang Ning

President, Global Cloud Ecosystem, Huawei

HUAWEI CLOUD positions MacroVerse as an aPaaS for industries. With developers at its core, MacroVerse is an E2E open platform with full industry capabilities, expertise as a service, and all-scenario innovation.

Fang Guowei

Director, Cloud Portfolio Management, Huawei

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