Where will HUAWEI CONNECT 2021 be held?

This year's event will be held exclusively online from September 23 to October 31. It will include live broadcasts, online digital exhibitions, and the opportunity to connect with industry experts.

What is the theme of HUAWEI CONNECT 2021?

Throughout the pandemic, digital technology has been a lifeline for many communities around the world, allowing work, education, and healthcare to continue largely uninterrupted. As we begin to recover and organizations look for ways to thrive in this new environment, advanced connectivity and digital computing technology will play a more important role than ever before. The theme of this year's event is, therefore, Dive into Digital.
We're going to dive deep into the practical application of technologies like the cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and 5G, across all industries, revealing how they can make organizations of all shapes and sizes more efficient, more versatile, and ultimately more resilient as we move toward economic recovery. Huawei will also announce an exciting range of new products and solutions, share experiences and best practices from its work with customers and partners around the world, and explore how we can jointly build a dynamic ecosystem for collaboration and shared success.

Where are the exhibition halls of HUAWEI CONNECT 2021?

This year's HUAWEI CONNECT will be held exclusively online. There will be live webcasts, live interactions, online digital exhibitions, and much, much more. Come and join us.

Why should I register for HUAWEI CONNECT 2021?

Register for the event to build your own customized agenda, watch webcasts, join online activities, download event materials, and more. Sign up now for more details.

How can I register for HUAWEI CONNECT 2021?

Register using an email address, to receive a verification code, or use an existing HUAWEI ID and complete your information.

Using email and a verification code: Fill out the registration form, receive a verification code, and submit your registration request, in a process that only takes around two minutes — it's easy and fast.

Using a HUAWEI ID: If you already have a HUAWEI ID (a HUAWEI phone account), log in using your HUAWEI ID, complete your information, and submit to register.

I have questions about using a HUAWEI ID to register.

Please click here.

I used my email address and didn't receive an email verification code.

Check whether the email that you entered is correct. If it is, check you junk folder. Network issues can sometimes cause emails to be lost: please request a verification code again or try later.
If the issue persists, please contact huaweiconnect_registration@huawei.com.

I cannot log in using my Uniportal Huawei account.

Sorry. Uniportal accounts are not associated with HUAWEI ID. Please register using an email address instead.

Where can I check my customized agenda?

Log in and click on 'My Space' to check and edit your customized agenda.

How can I find information about different speeches and speakers?

Filter or search by topic on the agenda page. Add specific sessions and speeches to your agenda if you want to create a personal agenda.

How can I avoid missing a particular webcast?

HUAWEI CONNECT 2021 provides calendar reminders for each webcast. Add them to your agenda and download them to your device's calendar to make sure you don't miss out.

Are there replays on-demand after webcasts end?

Yes. Stay tuned on the HUAWEI CONNECT 2021 webpage.

How can I download materials related to a webcast?

Documents will be provided at the end of each webcast. Find them on the agenda page, in 'My Space,' or on the webcast page.

What should I do if a live webcast freezes, keeps buffering, or lags?

Change the webcast setting to a lower video quality and close any programs that are taking up network bandwidth. Also try using a different browser.

What languages will the webcasts be delivered in?

Aside from the HUAWEI CONNECT 2021 English-language global site, there are multiple local webcasts. Check regional sites for local topics and speakers.
Follow Huawei social media accounts for keynote webcasts in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.