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In order of appearance
  • Steven Yi

    Steven Yi

    President, Huawei Middle East & Africa Area

  • Ryan Ding

    Ryan Ding

    President, Huawei Enterprise BG

  • Bob Chen

    Bob Chen

    President, Marketing & Solution Sales, Huawei Enterprise BG

  • Joy Huang

    Joy Huang

    Vice President, Huawei Cloud

  • Kevin Hu

    Kevin Hu

    President, Huawei Data Communication Product Line

  • Kim Jin

    Kim Jin

    President of Enterprise Optical Domain, Huawei Optical Business Product Line

  • Koh Hong Eng

    Koh Hong Eng

    Global Chief Public Services Industry Scientist, Huawei Enterprise BG

  • Nadim Abdulrahim

    Nadim Abdulrahim

    Global Public Services Industry Scientist, Huawei Enterprise BG

  • Zhao Qing

    Zhao Qing

    Chief Architect of Government Sector, Huawei Enterprise BG

  • Frank Dai

    Frank Dai

    President, Huawei Cloud Middle East

  • Tian Qi

    Tian Qi

    Chief Scientist in AI, Huawei Cloud
    International Eurasian Academy of Sciences (IEAS) Academician, IEEE Fellow

  • Eric Wan

    Eric Wan

    Vice President, Ecosystem Development, Huawei Cloud Middle East

  • Li Yangming

    Li Yangming

    Chief Representative of the Oil & Gas Sector, Huawei Enterprise BG

  • Xu Yan

    Xu Yan

    Senior Expert of the Oil & Gas Sector, Huawei Enterprise BG

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UTC+04:00 Dubai

Dubai World Trade Centre


Unleash Digital Services to Grow the Enterprise Business

  • Carriers are critical to the future of the digital and smart world. It's as simple as that. Huawei works with regional carrier partners to make business breakthroughs, in turn supporting the digital transformation of all industries.

  • 14:30–14:35

    Welcome Address

  • 14:35–14:45

    Huawei's Carrier Enterprise Business Strategy

  • 14:45–15:00

    Global Trends and Market Analysis for Carrier Enterprise ICT Services

  • 15:00–15:15

    Industrial Digitalization Accelerates with Huawei Cloud

  • 15:00–15:30

    Capture the NaaS Opportunity
    NaaS Experiences and Huawei MSP Service Launch Ceremony

  • 15:30–15:45

    Real-World Success: Smart Solutions
    How Carrier Enables Industry Customers with Smart Solutions

  • 15:45–16:00

    Industry Digital Transformation Experiences
    Accelerate Industry Digital Transformation with a New DICT Solution

  • 16:00–16:15

    Enterprise Cloud Security at the Forefront: Qian Kun Cloud Security Solution Launch

  • 16:15–16:25

    Huawei Supports Carrier Partners for Successful Enterprise Business

  • 16:25–16:30

    Closing Remarks

Madinat Jumeirah


Innovate Infrastructure to Unleash Digital

  • Explore where industry digitalization is heading, the opportunities that brings, and how digital technology can help address the challenges that organizations face at different stages of their digital transformation journey.

  • 10:00–10:05

    Opening Remarks

  • 10:05–10:15

    Empowering Industry by Creating Value

  • 10:15–10:30

    Innovative Digital Infrastructure Accelerates Digital Transformation

  • 10:30–10:45

    Dive into Digital: Building the Cloud Foundation for an Intelligent World

  • 10:45–11:00

    Intelligent Cloud-Networks Unleash Industry Digital Productivity

  • 11:00–11:15

    F5G Evolution Reshapes Industry Productivity

  • 11:15–11:30

    Building a Data-Centric, Trustworthy Foundation for Diverse Applications

  • 11:30–11:40

    Real-World Success

  • 11:40–11:50

    Real-World Success

  • 11:50–12:05

    Joint Innovation to Empower the Future


Unleash Digital to Accelerate the Transformation of Public Services

  • What are the challenges, specific solutions, and implementation paths of national digital infrastructure construction and operations? How does the construction of an e-government cloud network improve people's sense of safety and happiness? And what opportunities await in key markets, from government services to emergency response?

  • 12:15–12:20

    Opening Speech

  • 12:20–12:40

    National Digital Infrastructure Facilitates Digital Transformation of Public Services

  • 12:40–12:50

    Real-World Success: Government Cloud Construction and Operations

  • 12:50–13:00

    Real-World Success: Government Network Construction and Operations

  • 13:00–13:10

    Inclusive Connectivity Bridges the Digital Divide for a Stronger Sense of Value

  • 13:10–13:20

    Accelerate Digital Transformation of Cities for Higher Government Service Efficiency

  • 13:20–13:30

    Intelligent Emergency Response Safeguards Cities with Higher Efficiency

  • 13:30–13:40

    Release of the Cameroon Social Security Bureau Online Showcase


Unleash Digital and Create New Value for Electric Power

  • Guided by carbon peak and neutrality goals, global energy transformation is in full swing. As such, power security and improved efficiency are now critical. Join the Huawei Global Electric Power Summit to explore the path to electric power digitalization 2030 from diverse perspectives. In addition, Huawei will unveil its Intelligent Substation Solution along with a white paper on power transmission and transformation communication networks.

  • 12:15–12:25

    Development Trends of the Electric Power Industry Against the Backdrop of Energy Transformation

  • 12:25–12:35

    Unleash Digital and Create New Value for Electric Power

  • 12:35–12:45

    Intelligent Inspection Accelerates SEC's Digital Development

  • 12:45–12:55

    Big Data Drives the Digital Transformation of Electric Power

  • 12:55–13:05

    Building an Uninterruptible Power Communication Network

  • 13:05–13:15

    Better Protection for Power Data Security

  • 13:15–13:25

    Unleash the Potential of Electric Power and Maximize Bandwidth Operations

  • 13:25–13:35

    Accelerating Digitalization and Jointly Building Intelligent Electric Power


Green · Acceleration · Innovation: The All–Flash Data Center

  • All-flash data centers are integral to building smarter, greener infrastructure. Join this summit to explore what that means out in the real world. Along with the launch of the Striding Toward the Intelligent World: Storage White Paper, explore Huawei's latest storage innovations, solutions, and low-carbon strategies.

  • 14:30–14:35

    Opening Remarks

  • 14:35–14:45

    Green · Acceleration · Innovation: Unleash Digital with the Power of Data

  • 14:45–15:00

    New Flash-Native Data Infrastructure Accelerates Innovation in Your Core Business

  • 15:00–15:10

    Real-World Success: Data Infrastructure Innovation Practices in the Financial Industry

  • 15:10–15:25

    OceanStor Pacific Scale-Out Storage Unlocks the Value of Mass Data

  • 15:25–15:35

    Real-World Success: Data Infrastructure Innovation Practices

  • 15:35–15:45

    Green and Low-Carbon Designs in Data Infrastructure


Intelligent Cloud–Networks Unleash Digital Productivity

  • We are entering an intelligent society where digital infrastructure is crucial and industry digital transformation is only accelerating. Looking toward the future, it's clear that datacom networks will continue to innovate with new technologies that are fully integrated into the workplace and production processes, laying a solid foundation for a digital society. Join us to explore what that means.

  • 14:30–14:35

    Opening Remarks

  • 14:35–14:50

    Upgraded Intelligent Cloud-Networks Fully Unleash Digital Productivity

  • 14:50–15:00

    Huawei CloudCampus Solution: Redefining Next-Gen Campus Networks and Building Digital-First Enterprise Campuses | New SD-WAN Product Launch

  • 15:00–15:15

    Real-World Success: Working with Huawei to Build All-Wireless Intelligent Campus

  • 15:15–15:25

    Huawei CloudFabric Solution: Unleashing the Full Potential of Computing Power with ADN | Joint Release of L3.5 ADN White Paper

  • 15:25–15:40

    Real-World Success: Working with Huawei to Build an Advanced Cloud DCN

  • 15:40–15:45

    Cooperation for Shared Success and Sustained Assurance: Creating a Digital Future Together


F5G Evolution Reshapes Industry Productivity

  • Explore how digital productivity is fully unleashed through improved optical capabilities as the new IEEE OSU standard is also released. Discover Huawei's revised optical strategy in international markets as the company introduces sub-solutions and major products in five scenarios.

  • 14:30–14:40

    The Trends and Value of Optical Networking for Industry

  • 14:40–14:50

    F5G Enables Digital Transformation in Diverse Industries

  • 14:50–15:00

    F5G Evolution Reshapes Industry Productivity

  • 15:00–15:10

    Government-Built Backbone Networks

  • 15:10–15:20

    Single OptiX: Application Cases of Production Networks

  • 15:20–15:30

    Joint Launch: The Application of Sensing OptiX

  • 15:30–15:40

    Green Campus OptiX FTTO

  • 15:40–15:50

    Industry OptiX: FTTM Industry Application Practices


Huawei Cloud TechWave Summit: Inspire Innovation with Everything as a Service

  • Discover how Huawei Cloud is fueling digital transformation for customers in the Middle East region — in terms of strategy, business, technology, and ecosystem — following an Everything as a Service model with Cloud-Native 2.0 innovations.

  • 14:30–14:40

    Opening Remarks

  • 14:40–14:55

    Unleash Digital with Everything as a Service

  • 14:55–15:15

    Huawei Cloud EI Technology Innovation: Building Technical Leadership in Key Fields

  • 15:15–15:25

    Real-World Success

  • 15:25–15:45

    Innovative Digital Infrastructure to Unleash Digital Productivity

  • 15:45–15:55

    Cloud Native Infrastructure Out in the Real World

  • 15:55–16:15

    Grow with Huawei Cloud to Build a Prosperous Ecosystem

  • 16:15–16:25

    Digital Native Alliance Launch Ceremony

  • 16:25–16:35

    Technology Partner and Huawei Cloud Cooperation

  • 16:35–16:45

    Consulting Partner and Huawei Cloud Cooperation

  • 16:45–17:30

    MoU Signing Ceremony and Huawei Cloud Partner Awards


Accelerate the Digital Journey of Education

  • With the wide application of digital technologies, the digitalization of education is accelerating. Indeed, diversified learning channels, immersive experiences, and anytime anywhere education are now mainstream, posing network challenges to the sector. But boosted intra- and inter-campus network construction will innovate teaching methods and realize cloud-based scientific research, helping colleges and universities build intelligent campuses.

  • 12:15–12:20

    Opening Remarks

  • 12:20–12:25

    Digital Transformation Trends and Ideas on Digital Education Construction in the Future

  • 12:25–12:35

    Huawei All-Scenario Intelligent Education Solutions Accelerate the Digital Journey of Education

  • 12:35–12:45

    A Full-Stack Education Cloud Helps UAE Build a Core Hub for Education and Research Platforms

  • 12:45–12:55

    An Intelligent Campus Accelerates the Digitalization of Higher Education

  • 12:55–13:05

    Intelligent Classrooms Deliver Innovative Teaching Experiences

  • 13:05–13:15

    Intelligent Vocational Education Promotes Talent Cultivation and Technological Innovation


Explore Digitalization to Pump Intelligence into Oil and Gas

  • Discover Huawei's all-scenario solutions and innovative technical capabilities in the transformation of the oil and gas industry. Huawei works with customers and partners to help oil and gas fields construct unified architecture for multi-purpose networks that are characterized by unified management and integrated security. In addition, it helps gas stations — critical customer touchpoints in fuel retail — evolve to achieve cloud-edge collaboration, delivering convergence and intelligence.

  • 12:15–12:25

    Drive Data to the Barrel and Embrace Intelligence to Grow: Huawei's All-Scenario Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

  • 12:25–12:40

    Integrated Oil and Gas Field Networks Bring Ubiquitous Synergy and Intelligence

  • 12:40–12:50

    Build Production Networks to Help Oil and Gas Fields Go Digital

  • 12:50–13:05

    Exploring Best Practices for the Intelligentization of Gas Stations

  • 13:05–13:15

    Develop Smart Gas Station Applications Through Joint Ecosystem Construction and Innovation


Redefining Campuses with ICT

  • Campuses are being redefined through innovative ICT, becoming more efficient, greener, and more convenient. Huawei's full range of campus solutions deliver real-world results for enterprises working across industries, ushering in intelligence and a brighter tomorrow.

  • 14:30–14:35

    Opening Remarks

  • 14:35–14:50

    Development Trends of Intelligent Campuses

  • 14:50–15:00

    Redefine Intelligent Campuses with ICT

  • 15:00–15:10

    Building Intelligent Office Campuses to Create New Experiences

  • 15:10–15:20

    A Huawei Intelligent Campus Helps Egypt's TMG Digitalize All Scenarios

  • 15:20–15:30

    Real-World Success: Intelligent Campus

  • 15:30–15:40

    Inclusive AI Enhances the Security of Enterprise Campuses

  • 15:40–15:50

    Gathering Momentum to Build Intelligent Campuses

  • 15:50–15:55

    Solution Launch

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