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Huawei held a talent engagement event "DigitAll Night" in Paris and released the European Talent Development Program 2.0

[Paris, France, November 4, 2019] At HUAWEI ECO-CONNECT EUROPE 2019, Huawei held a talent engagement event "DigitAll Night" on November 4th in Paris with more than 1000 college students from European countries in attendance. At this event AI and 5G algorithm scientists are invited to deliver keynote speeches on future science and technology. Kevin Zhang, CMO of Huawei's ICT infrastructure business, made the opening speech. Wells Li, HRVP for Huawei Western European Region, released the Huawei European talent development plan-" DigitAll Explorer Program 2.0 " and explained about Huawei's talent strategy in Europe to students and media.

Yan Lida

“Huawei has been in Europe for 19 years. Thanks to the trust and support from our European customers, Huawei, a Chinese provider, has become a trusted partner in Europe. Over the years, Huawei has focused on application, product innovation and basic research development. Through extensive and open cooperation with European industry and academia, Huawei has made a series of breakthroughs in innovation. Huawei insist that technology is good, we need to pass it on. Huawei has released digital inclusion initiative - Tech4ALL which will benefit 500 million more people over the next five years. We hope to increase digital inclusion through three priorities: Technology, application, and skills. Finally, digital technologies will benefit everyone, every family, and every organization. ”, Kevin Zhang said.

Yan Lida

Wells Li said that Huawei attaches great importance to the cultivation and development of talents in Europe. In 2018-2019, about 2100 students in Europe get involved in Huawei’s development program. In the next three years, Huawei will develop 5000 elite talents in Europe through the "DigitAll Explorer Program", including the Seeds for the Future Program, Internship Program, and the Fresh Graduate Program. 1500 outstanding young talents will be selected from universities to join the Seeds for the Future Program to have an international exchange and to visit China. 2000 interns will go to Huawei for in-depth study and business practice. In addition, 1500 fresh graduates will be admitted to Huawei, to grow into a strategic new force for the company's future development in Europe.

Huawei's employee value proposition in Europe is "Passion Unlocks Potential". Huawei takes this chance to welcome the European talents to join Huawei who is a world-leading, visionary and passionate employer to build a fully connected, intelligent world.