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Our Commitment

Dr. Howard Liang

Chairman of the Board

We live in a rapidly changing world, and change is accelerating along with progress in digitalization. Everything in our lives is changing – from how we live and work, to how we learn and spend our time. And thanks to digital technology, we are able to do things more efficiently and more intelligently than ever before.

Last year, Huawei confirmed its new vision, which is to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. We are confident that we can make the world a better place by fully connecting everything and everyone.

But the future is still full of challenges. The world's population is growing. The digital divide is wider than ever, and broadband service coverage remains surprisingly low in many areas. In the ICT industry, we wish to leverage our expertise to build a sustainable, fully connected, and intelligent world to address these challenges.

Digital and intelligent technologies are opening up exciting new possibilities and opportunities, and yet many people still don't have access to this new world. According to Huawei's recently released Global Industry Vision (GIV 2025) report, there are still 5 billion people around the world who don't have a smartphone. In addition, only 40% of homes have access to broadband, and coverage is less than 1% for gigabit broadband. Only 10% of enterprises globally have access to broadband faster than 10 Mbps. This makes it hard for businesses to go digital and move to the cloud.

Huawei is working hard to bridge the digital divide and is driving the digital transformation of industries and society. We are a leader in ICT, and our products and solutions are widely deployed across more than 170 countries and regions, connecting over one-third of the world's population. A better, more intelligent world awaits us on the other side of these efforts.

Future sustainable development will be inseparable from digital and intelligent technologies. Huawei is dedicated to acting as a bridge, helping to bridge the digital and intelligent worlds. We are the "fertile soil" in which everything and everyone can connect and thrive. By gaining access to the digital world, people can learn new things, seize opportunities, and maximize personal potential to a degree never before imagined. Broadband networks and intelligent devices allow families to enjoy better health, entertainment, and living standards. By going digital, industries can also make their operations smarter and more sustainable.

Looking ahead, our focus is clear. We will continue our work in ICT infrastructure and smart devices. We will connect the unconnected, and make the intelligent world a reality. We will continue to invest in innovation and applications that drive sustainability and create more value for our customers. We see a future where every person, home and organization enjoys the benefits of innovation and connection. As we encourage more inclusive and sustainable global economic growth, we sincerely hope to contribute more to our world and the future.

Kevin Tao

Board Member and Chairman of the CSD Committee

The fourth industrial revolution has begun, driven by the deep integration of the physical and digital worlds. Intelligent connections are being forged between people, between things, and between people and things. They are weaving a better connected, intelligent world, which will bring entire new varieties of business, and new levels of efficiency and sustainability. New ICT technologies are creating new solutions for sustainability. Digital technologies like 5G, big data, Internet of Things, and cloud computing are enabling the world to grow in a way that is more sustainable and broad-based.

Over the past year, to advance our corporate sustainable development (CSD) strategy, we have shifted the center of gravity of CSD down into the organization. We established CSD sub-committees in various departments in Huawei for a much more comprehensive CSD organization. Departments will now share responsibility for CSD and will work together to achieve our CSD goals. We also continued to build up the effectiveness of our CSD systems, driven by our overarching strategy. We are leveraging Huawei's strengths in ICT to drive sustainability, and to bring the benefits of new ICT to more people.

Helping build a green and sustainable world

ICT technologies are being deployed in every industry. They are transforming the global economy into a digital economy. The ICT industry is playing a critical role in addressing challenges as diverse as climate changes, education, healthcare, pollution, and resource scarcity. Remote video services, for example, can bridge the geographical distance between people. Now we can talk without the carbon emissions caused by long-distance transport. Smart city and smart transportation will make cities more sustainable and reduce environmental pressures. According to Huawei's Global Industry Vision, by 2025 the global savings in energy and emissions made possible by the ICT industry will be 11 times greater than in 2015. This more than offsets the energy consumption and emissions of the industry itself by a massive margin. ICT will become a key enabler of global sustainable development.

Huawei delivers ICT infrastructure and smart devices. We provide a smart, digital, highly automated environment where products and solutions that help address sustainability issues can flourish. So far, Huawei's innovative ICT technologies have helped 102 telecom carriers become more efficient and consume less energy. Together, we are building green, low-carbon networks. Huawei's Smart City solutions have been deployed in more than 120 cities across over 40 countries and regions, making cities more efficient, greener, and sustainable. We have forged comprehensive partnerships with most of the top 100 photovoltaics companies. We aim to build an open, smart ecosystem for photovoltaics, expand the use of clean energy, and help build a greener world.

Bringing the benefits of new ICT to everyone

For many, digital technology means more choices and more convenience. But for underprivileged groups, new connections and new technology mean more services and more opportunities. ICT can represent a chance for a better life. In 2017, Huawei's innovative WTTx solution helped resolve the last-mile access issue in both densely populated cities and sparsely populated rural areas. We brought fast broadband services to more than one million households. We also deployed RuralStar 2.0, our innovative solution for rural networks, for 12 carriers in 8 countries and regions including Thailand, Ghana, and Mexico. This solution helps cut access costs and increase network coverage in rural areas. Expanded network coverage means that more people, especially those in under-developed countries and regions, can access the online world. This brings huge changes in their lives.

Huawei uses cloud technology to support education in local communities where we operate, giving more people equal access to education resources. Our Intelligent Operations Center solution acts like a brain or nerve center in a smart city, making cities safer and more sustainable. Our Mobile Money solution supports financial inclusion by making financial services more accessible, especially in areas where banking services are unavailable. Our innovative ICT technologies allow more people to enjoy the efficiency and affordability made possible by the Internet and digital technology, creating new opportunities to build a sustainable world.

Embracing a sustainable future

The year 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of Huawei's establishment. As the Chinese philosopher Confucius said: At thirty, we stand. We actively benchmark our operations against best industry practices to keep ourselves up-to-date. We now intend to set more aggressive goals and pursue innovation in sustainability practices, as this can help improve the sustainability of the whole industry. We are well aware that we need to work together with industry organizations, customers, suppliers, and partners. The road to sustainability must be one of openness and growth for the whole ecosystem. Only in this way can a business create commercial value and share success with other industry players.

To achieve anything of value requires enormous effort and focus. We will face numerous difficulties and challenges on the road to sustainability. But we will also be presented with many opportunities. We believe that as long as we move in the right direction and patiently apply ourselves to making breakthroughs, we will contribute more to the healthy and sustainable development of the economy, the environment, and society. And we can play a bigger role in creating a sustainable future.

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