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WinWin Issue 28 (Resource-sharing through collaboration)

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Philips and Huawei: Just what the doctor ordered

Rapid disruption is happening in the healthcare space, with cloud, AI, and biosensors poised to form your personal health team. Find out what Philips and Huawei are doing to get you there.

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Say yes to sustainability: The planet and your bottom line will thank you

Environmental and business expert Jim Harris from Strategic Advantage explains why sustainability and digital transformation are not just one and the same, but also highly profitable.


ICT infrastructure and smart devices drive the intelligent world

According to Huawei’s Rotating CEO Eric Xu, "The journey to an intelligent world has already begun.” Huawei is a driver and enabler of this intelligent world, with collaboration sitting at the heart of a thriving ecosystem. Looking forward, Huawei’s strategy comprises three elements: building more connections, enlarging data pipes, and enabling digitization.


Platforms for the best outcomes

What is the "outcome economy"? It's what creates the platform economy - ecosystems that let verticals thrive. Find out what it means for your business.

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Issue 28

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Message from editor

Resource-sharing through collaboration

Telcos and power companies are in different businesses, but there's ample room for them to work together. Find out how.

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BH Telecom: Starting from scratch

BH Telecom shows how digital transformation is the way forward as Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to rebuild.

05 Ryan Ding

Fiber Networks: Better connected means faster payback

Enterprises are going digital and FTTH is big business. That's good news for operators, but only optical fiber networks can meet requirements. What's the best way for operators to maximize returns?

Tao of Business

Massive MIMO is the future of wireless networks

Massive MIMO is a high-speed, high-capacity game changer for 4G, 5G, homes and enterprises. Find out how Japan's Softbank and China Mobile have verified its commercial muscle.

Tao of Business

4 stages to new money from new video

4G, smart devices, and a thriving online ecosystem have placed user experience of video services at the heart of what telcos do. The right strategy can monetize the pipe. Here's how.

connecting a world of things
Tao of Business

Connecting a world of things

By 2025, the world will see 100 billion connections. As IoT matures, how can telcos target their strengths to stay ahead of the game?

Tao of Business

FTTH dream team: Telcos and power companies

FTTH is fast, but new build out is costly. The solution: telco/power company partnerships that use eletricity networks to deliver gigabit speeds at lower cost and risk with FTTH.

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Tao of Business

Cutting TTM the smart way

Transforming your product catalogue can help you slash TTM by going agile and getting lean. Find out how.


How two telcos succeeded in Europe with video

Telekom Srbija and Norwegian power company-turned-telco Lyse show how video is done in Europe - with the right partnerships, solutions, and strategy


Sichuan Telecom: All-seeing with all-optical

Sichuan Telecom’s all-optical network has slashed OPEX, lowered broadband prices, and solved the problem of running multiple parallel networks. The China Telecom subsidiary sought to bridge the digital divide, resulting in a scheme that’s a globally relevant example of delivering universal broadband services.

ww 28 ningxia nobile goes digital with big connectivity

Ningxia Mobile goes digital with Big Connectivity

Ningxia Mobile cut TTM by 30% and boosted O&M efficiency by 40% by going next-gen with its OSS and making the right connections.


Rostelecom slims down for financial and digital gains

With property tax wiping 10% of its profits and 70% of its equipment room space vacant, find out how Russia's Rostelecom slimmed down its assets and spatial footprint to go digital.


Going Dutch on transformation with KPN

There's no place for weak legacy systems, product silos, slow TTM, and inefficient O&M in the cloud era. KPN chose the right solution and partner and made 7 serious gains that won it a TM Forum award.