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5G is here

At MWC 2018, Huawei unveiled the first 3GPP-standard chip, making it the first vendor to have E2E 5G capabilities. 5G is now.

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SkyRail: BYD's silver bullet for urban congestion

Traffic jams and long commutes aren’t new ─ but SkyRail is. BYD’s Chairman and President Wang Chuanfu reveals where the company is at with one of its “Four Green Dreams ”and how the company has made a strong start in the transportation space.

Rising High from Cloud to AI

To get there, our goal for the time being is to build out the cloud as a runway. Then we'll equip our customers with an intelligent engine, giving them the horsepower they need to race ahead into the intelligent world. Faster, better, and safer.

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iFlytek: The voice of AI

iFlytek believes that natural language processing and cognitive intelligence are the keys to AI reaching human-levels of intelligence. What are the strategies, partnerships, and solutions that are helping the company take AI tech to the next level?

How 3 stars are making life better around the world

Mobile Broadband will double the demand for macro sites in the next five years. Enter PoleStar, TubeStar, and RuralStar – a trio of wireless connectivity solutions to connect the unconnected. Find out how.

MGI: The power of AI and genetic sequencing

Dr. Jiang Hui is chief operating officer of MGI and vice president of BGI Research. She explained to us how gene sequencing technology can help solve practical issues in precision medicine, describing how innovations in digital technology – such as AI, 5G, and cloud computing – can help transform the medical industry.

How ICT can empower people and reduce inequality

ICT is making the world a more equal place. We look at 3 cases in 3 emerging markets where this is happening now, including gender empowerment in Bangladesh (featured in the video).

Dunhuang: On the Silk Road with smart tourism and big data

Unlike other smart cities that focus on urban governance and services, smart tourism lies at the heart of Dunhuang's smart city model.

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Swisscom: Quick off the blocks with 5G

With MVNOs and OTT companies leveling the ICT playing field, telcos need to strategize to stay competitive now and in the future. Swisscom shows how.

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Shop till you drop: Retail goes omni-channel

E-commerce is no longer enough for retailers. They must embrace a new omni-channel approach that marries the virtual, physical, and social. What are the best strategies and technologies to do so?

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At the edge with 5G

The industry is abuzz with 5G, and for good reason ─ everyone will benefit and Huawei is ready with its E2E solutions. GSMA’s CTO Alex Sinclair shares his views on this game-changing, next-gen technology and one key factor he believes necessary for a thriving 5G ecosystem.

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A slice of 5G with GSA

A drone with its own network, instant decisions, software-based infrastructure, and more…Joe Barrett, President of the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), sat down with us in Barcelona at MWC 2018 to talk about 5G and its many benefits.

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Making sense of big data

Big data may be a big deal, but it needs to produce actionable insights to have true value. But, not every enterprise knows how to use its data effectively. Big data expert Dr. Craig Brown reveals the way forward.

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SAIL the Atlantic with CAMTEL

David Nkoto Emane, General Manager of Cameroon Telecom (CAMTEL), believes that the scheme’s main challenges can be overcome with the right mindset, strategies, and technologies.

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P&G: Making the ordinary extraordinary with mobile

A toothbrush that tells you you're brushing all wrong? The consumer goods giant P&G is using IoT to do exciting new things with its products

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UHD: What’s in it for telcos?

UHD Forum helps operators find the right path to 4K riches. The journey isn't easy, but it can be worth it with the right strategies.

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AI: The reality and the hype

In the past, overhyping artificial intelligence has led to two AI winters. Edinburgh University's Professor Jon Oberlander gives his view on where we're at now.

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Changing the Face of Industry with Connectivity

GE and Huawei have teamed up to help manufacturers cut downtime with a predictive maintenance solution based on industrial cloud. The partners are now looking to drive IoT, 5G, and the Industrial Internet forward to help companies capitalize on digital tech.


Winning the digital transformation race requires new business strategies

Huawei Chief Strategy Marketing Officer William Xu gives his views on the strategies and technologies needed to stay ahead with digital transformation - and data is at the heart

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NTT DOCOMO takes a co-creation approach to 5G

First movers and fast responders in the market forge the right partnerships. NTT DOCOMO is no exception.


5G: Moving closer to reality

5G is marching over the horizon - hear what the experts had to say at the latest MBB Forum


T-Mobile Czech Republic: Fixed on success with wireless

A wireless solution in fixed form is helping T-Mobile Czech Republic plug FTTH connectivity gaps. Find out more.

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SAP: Making digital transformation simple, agile, and powerful

Find out why more businesses are turning to SAP to predict trends and keep ahead in today's competitive landscape


On the money in Bangladesh with bKash

What's the solution for financial services when only 15% of the population has access to banking services?


CEB:Downsizing IT upsizes profits for banks

Bigger isn't always better when it comes to banking. See how downsizing IT can yield big rewards.

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Shaping urban perfection in Guangzhou with government cloud

Cloud is central to helping governments break down silos. Check out how China's largest government cloud is making life better for local residents.

DHL: Adding Digital Logic to Logistics

With more than 350,000 employees operating in 220 countries and territories, DHL leads the world in logistics. Dr. Markus Voss, CIO and COO of DHL Supply Chain, explains how digital transformation can forge processes that will help the freight giant continue to deliver on its slogan: “Excellence. Simply delivered.”

ABB Leads the Industrial Digitalization Charge

ABB and Huawei have teamed up to solve manufacturing issues the smart way with robotics, sensors, and wireless solutions.

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Deutsche Telecom: Best-in-Class Experience

Deutsche Telekom ramped up its profits by 5.6% in 2016. How is the German telco building on this? CTO Bruno Jacobfeuerborn talks content, cloud and convergence.

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A 5G Future: Not Just Smoke and Mirrors

5G will enable 1.1 billion connections by 2025. Prof Rahim Tafazolli, Director of 5G Innovation Center, explains its role in vertical industries.

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Why Movie Night Will Get A Whole Lot Better

20th Century Fox CTO Hanno Basse talks tech, movies, and why you should be excited.


Mobile Reshapes the World

Mobile technologies are reshaping the world and creating abundant opportunities that telcos and businesses can’t afford to miss. Huawei Rotating CEO Ken Hu gives his view on the latest tech trends and strategies that are driving the future.

Embracing Mobile Networks in the 5G Era

Edward Deng, President of Huawei Wireless Solution, shares his thoughts on mobile network trends, 5G, and cloud.


Onwards and Upwards with Cloud

Cloud was a major theme at Huawei Connect 2017. Find out how Huawei Cloud is helping customers and partners - including Orange, CERN, and Microsoft - reap digital rewards.

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Know your Competencies and Control Points

In 2016, operators generated US$182 billion in revenue from networks - far short of what they put in and less than Internet operators for the first time. What's gone wrong and what's the way out?

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New Profits from new Copper in Emerging Markets

Today there are still nearly 300 million DSL broadband users and almost 600 million lines of copper cables worldwide, with emerging markets accounting for approximately 70 percent of those lines. How can operators maximize their returns?


Huawei Partners with Dubai Airports to Build a Smart Airport

Dubai Airports has partnered with Huawei to build a smart airport that delivers what people want: quick queues, easy online services, and on-time flights. Find out how.


The Race is On: NB-IoT means Smart and Fast for ofo

NB-IoT and smart tech is pedaling the bike-sharing giant ofo way ahead of the competition. Find out how.


China Insurance Giant CPIC Steps into the Digital Era

Enterprise cloud is at the heart of CPIC's digital transformation. What are the benefits of the solution?

SIRO gets Serious about Gigabit

SIRO is a joint venture between Vodafone Ireland and the nation’s state-owned electrical utility, ESB. The JV is investing €450 million in Ireland’s first 100 percent fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) broadband network, offering speeds of 1 Gbps and connecting 500,000 premises in 50 Irish towns.


Argentina’s Andreani goes Beyond Logistics with Cloud and Data

Open Cloud and big data mean bigger business and higher profits for Argentina's Andreani. Learn how.


Accelerating Success in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th industrial revolution is here. What do enterprises need to know?

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Orange Business Services: Powering Cloud with Flexible Engine

Philipe Laplane, CEO Orange Cloud for Business, and Didier Duriez, Senior VP Orange Global Solutions, discuss partnerships, OpenStack and Orange's new offering for cloud migration: Flexible Engine.

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Think Exponentially to be a Digital Disruptor

The new breed of enterprise is lean, fast, agile, and tech-driven. Singularity University (Netherlands) founder Yuri Van Geest explains why exponential organizations are the future.

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You create a Vast Amount of Data, so How can you Stay Secure?

By 2020 you will produce 1.5 GB of data per day. founder Eugeny Cheresnev gives his view on using AI to ensure cyber security in the data-driven age.


Bangla Broadband

Axiata is bringing 4G to Bangladesh in December 2017 for the first time, transforming itself from traditional telco to digital player and promising the nation a bright future.

WinWin SE5 (+Intelligence: A New Era for Industry Verticals)

To thrive in the global digital economy, enterprises in all industry verticals must plan and execute digital transformation strategies that go beyond smart and enter the +intelligence era – an era of cloud backed by big data and AI.


+Intelligence: A New Era is Coming

To thrive in the global digital economy, enterprises in all industry verticals must plan and execute digital transformation strategies that go beyond smart and enter the +intelligence era – an era of cloud backed by big data and AI.


In Safe Hands: Connected Cars will Quickly, Quietly, and Carefully change your life

To drive us safely into the future, driverless cars require faster and more robust networks to realize true vehicle-to-everything connectivity. How can we get there?

Digital Transformation

Better Connected Enterprises: Your Digital Transformation starts Here

In 2017, 34 percent of all technology will be allocated to digital transformation projects. Do you know how to start your journey?


Telco Digital Transformation: The Conditions, Journeys, and Destinations

Telco digital transformation doesn't follow one path. There are ten possible journeys and five destinations, ranging from dumb pipe to service enabler. Know what they are, know where you're  headed.


Smart Manufacturing: More than just Robots

The new reality for manufacturing is Industry 4.0: full automation and cyber-physical. But manufacturers are slow to change. Why and what's the way forward?


Energy 2025 is Surprisingly Different from Energy in 2017

Our insatiable appetite for electricy is increasing day-by-day. Fortunately, the age of sunshine-based electrification is shining over the horizon, disrupting the energy sector.


Feeding the World with Connected Farming

By 2030, there will be 8.5 billion mouths to feed. To that, ICT will play a pivotal role. Find out how.


Get up and go with Connected Transportation

The future of transportation isn't just connected driverless cars. Hyperloop and other innovations will make getting from A to B easier, faster, and cheaper than ever.


HSBC puts Partnership and Data at the Heart of Digitalization

Data will drive the future of financial services. Find out how HSBC is approaching digital transformation and the emergence of Fintechs.


Better Financial Services through a Better Connected World

Fintechs have arrived on the banking scene. And Digital transformation is necessary for banks to survive. Here's how.


Powering the Future with Smart Grids

By 2030, 8.5 billion people will call Earth home. We need smart grids and smart metering to light up the future. Find out more.


eGovernment: Safer, Smarter, and Better Connected

To make smart cities a reality and to power industry transformation, eGovernment's first stop is public safety.


Learning for the Future with Digital Leadership

Ten years from now, the job landscape will have changed. How can digital technology help tomorrow's workforce?


Smart Education: What you Need to Know

Campus solutions can help students get the most out of education. Find out more.


On a Health Kick with Connected Healthcare

In less than a decade, you'll have much more control over your health. ICT enablers are the key for doctors and hospitals to make this a reality to put your health in your hands.

Voices from Industry

Adding up the Gains with Turkcell’s TV+

Turkcell grew its TV+ subscriber base to 1.4 million in just two years. CMO Ismail Butun explains why and how video is the Turkish telco's new growth catalyst.

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Philips and Huawei: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Rapid disruption is happening in the healthcare space, with cloud, AI, and biosensors poised to form your personal health team. Find out what Philips and Huawei are doing to get you there.


Say Yes to Sustainability: The Planet and your Bottom Line will Thank You

Environmental and business expert Jim Harris from Strategic Advantage explains why sustainability and digital transformation are not just one and the same, but also highly profitable.


Fiber Networks: Better Connected means Faster Payback

Enterprises are going digital and FTTH is big business. That's good news for operators, but only optical fiber networks can meet requirements. What's the best way for operators to maximize returns?


Platforms for the Best Outcomes

What is the "outcome economy"? It's what creates the platform economy - ecosystems that let verticals thrive. Find out what it means for your business.

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Massive MIMO is the Future of Wireless Networks

Massive MIMO is a high-speed, high-capacity game changer for 4G, 5G, homes and enterprises. Find out how Japan's Softbank and China Mobile have verified its commercial muscle.

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4 Stages to New Money from New Video

4G, smart devices, and a thriving online ecosystem have placed user experience of video services at the heart of what telcos do. The right strategy can monetize the pipe. Here's how.

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FTTH Dream Team: Telcos and Power Companies

FTTH is fast, but new build out is costly. The solution: telco/power company partnerships that use eletricity networks to deliver gigabit speeds at lower cost and risk with FTTH.


How two telcos Succeeded in Europe with Video

Telekom Srbija and Norwegian power company-turned-telco Lyse show how video is done in Europe - with the right partnerships, solutions, and strategy


Ningxia Mobile goes Digital with Big Connectivity

Ningxia Mobile cut TTM by 30% and boosted O&M efficiency by 40% by going next-gen with its OSS and making the right connections.


Going Dutch on Transformation with KPN

There's no place for weak legacy systems, product silos, slow TTM, and inefficient O&M in the cloud era. KPN chose the right solution and partner and made 7 serious gains that won it a TM Forum award.


Sichuan Telecom: All-seeing with All-optical

Sichuan Telecom’s all-optical network has slashed OPEX, lowered broadband prices, and solved the problem of running multiple parallel networks. The China Telecom subsidiary sought to bridge the digital divide, resulting in a scheme that’s a globally relevant example of delivering universal broadband services.


Rostelecom Slims down for Financial and Digital Gains

With property tax wiping 10% of its profits and 70% of its equipment room space vacant, find out how Russia's Rostelecom slimmed down its assets and spatial footprint to go digital.

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BH Telecom: Starting from Scratch

BH Telecom shows how digital transformation is the way forward as Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to rebuild.

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Connecting a World of Things

By 2025, the world will see 100 billion connections. As IoT matures, how can telcos target their strengths to stay ahead of the game?


ICT Infrastructure and Smart Devices drive the Intelligent World

According to Huawei’s Rotating CEO Eric Xu, "The journey to an intelligent world has already begun.” Huawei is a driver and enabler of this intelligent world, with collaboration sitting at the heart of a thriving ecosystem. Looking forward, Huawei’s strategy comprises three elements: building more connections, enlarging data pipes, and enabling digitization.

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Cutting TTM the Smart Way

Transforming your product catalogue can help you slash TTM by going agile and getting lean. Find out how.


China Mobile aims for 1.75 billion Connections by 2020

China Mobile has 860 million subscribers and 1.4 billion base stations - the most anywhere. Now, it's got its sights set on 5G and making big connections. What's its strategy?


Roiland drives IoV with Cloud

Dalian Roiland Technology explains the particular requirements facing the Chinese Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and its plans for the next-gen cloud platform.


Enabling Business Success for telcos with Video

Video is the new basic service that will drive ultra-broadband alongside cloud. Huawei Rotating CEO Eric Xu outlines how Huawei can help telcos stay ahead of the curve.

Tao of Business

‘X’ marks the Spot for Verticals and Mobile

Industry leaders share their views about the new dawn of tech. But collaboration is the key in today's mobile world. That's why Huawei has built XLabs - for its customers and partners.

Voices from Industry

On the Path to Agility with HSBC

HSBC CIO Darryl West gives the heads up on what’s happening with the banking giant's transformation and how a traditional multinational can put some spring in its digital step.

Voices from Industry

Gathering Intel on a New Reality

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich reveals the innovation, strategies, and partnerships that are driving the company forward, including its groundbreaking Merged Reality project .


A Better View from the Cloud

Speech from Huawei Connect 2016: Huawei's Rotating CEO Ken Hu explains the company's position as an enabler of an intelligent world with cloud, ICT infrastructure, and customer-centricity at the core.


Embrace the Cloud to Become a Digital Enterprise

Speech from Huawei Connect 2016: Huawei's Rotating CEO Eric Xu describes how every enterprise must go digital to provide a ROADS experience for customers, partners, and employees.


Shaping the Dynamics of an Open Cloud Ecosystem

GE is set to lead a productivity revolution in global industry by combining physical machinery and analytics. Denzil Samuels from GE Digital urges companies to go digital –
or perish.


A Digital Wakeup Call for Enterprises

The digital revolution has arrived. Impacting B2B and B2C enterprises in every vertical, the online world and sharing economy are creating unprecedented possibilities.

Voices from Industry

Bahrain: The pearl of the connected Gulf

Bahrain's Transportation and Telecommunications Minister H.E. Kamal Ahmed reveals how the island nation is agressively pursuing a position as the Middle East's digital hub.

Tao of Business

KPN: Business Transformation the Dutch Way

How does a telco go about winning a business transformation award from TM Forum? KPN CIO Bouke Hoving tells us how – and the answer's simpler than you might think.

Tao of Business

GE: Becoming Digital Industrial

GE is set to lead a productivity revolution in global industry by combining physical machinery and analytics. Denzil Samuels from GE Digital urges companies to go digital – or perish.


MTN Nigeria: Let me Entertain you

With a penetration rate of less than 20%, smartphones have yet to reach the masses in West Africa. So, how is MTN making great gains in the entertainment field?