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Communicate Issue 81

Telco Cloud Transformation

Huawei Rotating CEO Eric Xu on enabling telco transformation

On September 28, 2016, Harvard Business Review China (HBR China) interviewed Eric Xu in Shenzhen, China. The interview concentrated on a single topic: telco transformation.

Cloud Ecosystem

Collaboration LEADS developers to help industry hurdle the last mile

With a commitment to LEADS (Lab as a Service, End-to-End, Agile, Dedicated, and Social), Huawei is developer-centric and aims to become a supporter, enabler, and agent of developer success.

Digital Enterprises

Reinventing businesses with industry cloud

According to Yan Lida, president of Huawei’s Enterprise BG, “Industry Cloud is more than Industry+Cloud; it’s a dramatic convergence of technology and business that will enable business-driven digital transformation.” Find out why.

Cloud Ecosystem

Up in the clouds together

“If you want to go fast, walk alone; if you want to go far, walk together.” Openness and collaboration are the keys to enabling Huawei and our partners to thrive together.

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Issue 81

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CIOs: Are you ready?

Digital transformation takes the CIO's role beyond managing internal IT applications. They need foresight and business acumen; they need to fully understand what transformation really means; and they need to understand the tech and how it will change their enterprise. And that's not all.

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Digital Enterprises

Turn, unlock, activate: Network and cloud are the two keys to enterprise digitization

Huawei’s President of Network R&D explains why cloud is the tool for reconstructing and optimizing networks through digital transformation. To compete in the future, enterprise networks must keep pace with service cloudification.

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Telco Cloud Transformation

Data technology is the heir to the IT throne

A new IT revolution has arrived. New capabilities created by platforms based on cloud & big data – collectively referred to as data technology ─ are replacing support systems & traditional IT models.

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Telco Cloud Transformation

The full story on digital transformation for telcos

Martin Creaner, ex-CEO of the TM Forum and Chief Architect of Huawei SPO Lab, gives his thoughts on the current state of telco digital transformation or and where he sees things heading.

Telco Cloud Transformation

Everyone’s heard of digital transformation, but what does it look like?

In this time of digital Darwinism, companies that invest intelligently in digitalization will start pulling out ahead. The benchmarks and definitions for digital telcos are still germinating.

Telco Cloud Transformation

Stepping up to the plate of digital transformation

Traditional service providers are getting ready to face new, tough challenges as the telecom world digitalizes, while Internet players are investing heavily aiming to take the reins of the industry.

Telco Cloud Transformation

Smooth border crossings for transformation

The need for telcos to transform is well-known. How they should go about doing so is less clear, especially for those with border-spanning businesses.

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Cloud Ecosystem

Open source powers the cloud ecosystem

In a world powered by software, there’s simply too much software to write. Linux Foundation Jim Zemlin believes no one company can do it all, and that’s why the best tech companies in the world all use open source.

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Cutting Edge

5G will amp up connections

The unprecedented levels of connectivity offered by 5G will revolutionize the experience for businesses and consumers.

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Cutting Edge

One slice at a time: SDN/NFV to 5G network slicing

The network modernization journey is one that every telco must take. NFV and SDN are the fuel, software and cloud define the route, and customer experience sits waiting expectantly at the destination.