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Communicate Issue 80


The ROADS to MBB 2020 with CloudRAN

Mobile operators must continue improving their network value, evolve connectivity capabilities, and build a future-oriented mobile industry. CloudRAN is a key support technology for achieving this.


On the path to 5G with 4.5G

Evolving 4.5G in parallel to 5G new air interface will help operators develop new services, user behaviors, business models, and industry chains before 5G arrives, paving the way for next-gen 5G tech.


Sprinting the last mile with WTTx

WTTx is a new approach for solving the old last mile problem. Using WTTx avoids trenching and wiring, yielding quicker time to market, faster user growth rate, and shorter payback period.

Cutting Edge

Up in the air with 5G

F-OFDM, SCMA, and Polar Code are the three key technologies that underpin Huawei's 5G new air interface concept.

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Issue 80

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NB-IoT: A shot in the arm for cellular IoT

Offering deep coverage, low power consumption, low cost, and large numbers of devices, Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) meets the requirements for LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) applications.

Industry Perspectives

All about the user with U-vMOS

Huawei's U-vMOS is an E2E mobile video solution for measuring, planning, and optimizing viewing experience.

Industry Perspectives

Broadening horizons with MBB Open Interconnect

With increasing ICT service convergence, MBB Open Interconnect opens up connectivity capabilities and network information.


Content and connectivity: A magical combination

Huawei has worked with mobile operators across the globe to formulate the following priorities: deliver ubiquitous connectivity, expand service boundaries, and evolve wireless network architecture.

Industry Perspectives

Keeping safe with 4.5G broadband trunking

LTE-based broadband trunking is perfect for delivering broadband data services. It provides emergency communications technology that can enhance efficiency and ensure safe cities.

How to Operate

China Mobile’s oriental pearl shines even brighter with 4.5G

China Mobile has made remarkable achievements in 4G network construction. And Shanghai is riding the crest of a wave of 4G construction in China.

Industry Perspectives

Let’s stay indoors for full connectivity

Small Cell is packed with features for full indoor connectivity: E2E digitalized architecture, high capacity, high yield, fast deployment, and strong evolution potential.

How to Operate

Philippines Globe: New network configuration, new MBB gains

Philippines local mobile operator, Globe Telecom, is delivering a better broadband experience by deploying multi-sector networks that greatly increase network capacity.

How to Operate

WTTx gives Sri Lanka wings to soar

WTTx deployment has narrowed Sri Lanka's digital gap with the world, introduced the nation’s people to a new dawn of broadband services, and helped it businesses hop on to the fast track to growth.


MBB: Where agility and growth go hand in hand

With the total number of base stations set to double over the next five years, Huawei's MBB 2020-focused GigaRadio and Agile Site solutions can adapt to multiple scenarios and environments.


UMTS+: Adding up to success

Over the last 10 years, UMTS networks have proliferated in many countries. Today’s surge in devices and social media use has seen UMTS network traffic skyrocket.