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Value Propositions

Information and communications technology is converging at an increasingly rapid pace. New technologies, especially cloud computing and big data, are becoming key enablers for ICT innovation and development. They are completely reshaping the CT industry, and creating enormous business opportunities through IT and CT convergence. In response to these revolutionary changes, Huawei continues to innovate around customer needs, focusing on the development of leading technology that meets those needs. Through open partnerships, we focus on providing future-oriented information pipes to build a Better Connected World and continuously create value for customers and society. Huawei aims to become a strategic partner that assists carriers in future transformation efforts, a leading enterprise ICT infrastructure provider, and a top smart device brand that consumers prefer and trust.

Ubiquitous Broadband

The Internet makes it easier to disseminate and obtain information, which in turn stimulates the desire to go online anytime, anywhere, on any device. This level of connectivity enables users to access more high-quality content and applications and enjoy the convenience of mobile offices. Enterprises are now migrating their IT systems to data centers and clouds, a trend that significantly raises network requirements. Harnessing future floods of data will require networks with greater capacity, coverage, and agility. Huawei aims to bring the benefits of greater connectivity to more and more people. 

Consumer demand for network connectivity, bandwidth, reliability, and security is far from being met. In response, Huawei provides carriers with solutions that best reflect their needs at different stages of development, working together to address their business and technology challenges.

Huawei is committed to helping carriers increase network capacity and optimize network management to achieve digital operations. We continue to innovate with new architectures (such as SoftCOM) and new technologies to deliver cutting-edge products and solutions that enable seamless evolution, and help our customers build highly efficient infrastructure networks. We help carriers consolidate their IT resources, transform their networks with NFV and SDN, and expand their revenue streams through the aggregation of quality content. We also enable carrier digital operations in a way that delivers a ROADS experience and makes ubiquitous broadband readily accessible for all.

Agile Innovation

The ICT industry will continue to advance rapidly well into the future. New trends such as mobility, cloud computing, big data, and social networking are driving the industry to new frontiers. Significant digital changes are taking place in the physical world, with the Internet driving the modernization of traditional industries.

Enterprises in all industries need to rapidly identify business opportunities and leverage the collaborative potential of IT to launch new products and services faster and more effectively. IT is evolving from a support system to an operation system, and is becoming a core source of competitive strength.

Huawei is committed to providing innovative one-stop ICT infrastructure. As part of this drive, we provide All Cloud network infrastructure, cloud data center infrastructure, and digital infrastructure solutions to help customers maximize resource utilization (e.g., network, storage, and computing resources), deploy business systems more quickly, perform O&M more easily, and manage their systems more efficiently. We provide industry solutions designed to meet the unique needs of different vertical industries. With an intelligent big data analytics system, we help our customers proactively identify new opportunities and achieve more agile business innovation. Through cooperation and innovation, we incorporate our ICT products into partners' industry solutions to better meet the requirements of various industries. Our goal is to ensure our solutions can be easily integrated into partner offerings.

Over the next 30 years, enterprises will gradually migrate from traditional data centers to hybrid clouds. Huawei will build open hybrid cloud architecture to lead the cloudification of key industries, and help carriers fully embrace the cloud. To do this, we will first cloudify Huawei and deliver our products and services to customers from the cloud.

Inspired Experience

In the future, smart devices will become a more integral part of life, as they will be better at identifying user needs and developing situational and emotional awareness. 

With an innovative combination of industrial design and key enabling technology, Huawei delivers premium products that are stylish, secure, and easy to use. By developing robust application and service ecosystems, Huawei offers a wide range of services, mobile phones, smart watches, and other smart devices for various scenarios (e.g., health, lifestyle, work, home, and outdoor settings). Our commitment to device-cloud synergy contributes to a superior user experience in all scenarios and creates a long-term emotional bond between Huawei and our users. We also strive to take user experience to the next level by providing users around the world with a convenient online-to-offline (O2O) purchase experience and services.

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