Huawei Supplier Carbon Emissions Reduction Conference: Building a Green Supply Chain

In May 2022, Huawei held its second Supplier Carbon Emissions Reduction Conference to pass on our supply chain strategies and requirements for carbon emissions reduction to suppliers. At the conference, we also updated our suppliers on the status of global carbon emissions reduction, our initiatives and requirements for them, and presented awards to suppliers who had performed admirably in this regard over the last year. We invited these suppliers to share their best practices and discuss how we could further reduce emissions. All suppliers attending the conference expressed their full understanding of Huawei's emissions reduction requirements and their commitment to action.

By the end of 2022, all of Huawei's top 100 and energy-intensive suppliers had collected statistics on their carbon emissions and implemented emissions reduction projects. Of the top 100 suppliers, 67% already use renewable energy and clean energy, 13% have set science-based targets, and some have made commitments to achieve carbon neutrality ahead of 2050 – a target set by the UN. These efforts have led to a noticeable decline in the emissions intensity of Huawei's supply chain over the past few years.

2022 Huawei Supplier Carbon Emissions Reduction Conference

Huawei shares its carbon emissions reduction strategies and requirements with suppliers and presents awards at the 2022 Huawei Supplier Carbon Emissions Reduction Conference