Supporting Network Stability

More than 5,000 Huawei engineers support customer networks 24/7 from our two global and ten regional technical assistance centers. The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 posed huge challenges for customer network maintenance. Our team stood by our customers throughout these difficulties. We guaranteed uninterrupted communications for more than three billion people, supported more than 1,500 customer networks in over 170 countries and regions, and ensured network availability during more than 200 emergencies and major events.

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Huawei's global and regional technical assistance centers

STORY-Getting a 5G Network Up and Running at the Huoshenshan Field Hospital in Wuhan

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in early 2020, the central Chinese city of Wuhan was hit the hardest. People from all walks of life played a part in getting the outbreak under control. At this critical juncture, reliable communications networks were of vital importance.

On January 23, the Wuhan Emergency Command Center for COVID-19 Prevention and Control called for the deployment of a 5G network at the Huoshenshan Field Hospital. The Huawei Hubei Rep Office responded to the call and immediately set up an emergency project team with our carrier customer, discussed the network plan overnight, and coordinated the necessary equipment and materials.

On January 24 – Chinese New Year's Eve – a group of more than 50 engineers from Huawei and our contractors divided into different groups and completed site survey, network construction planning, and stockpiling of equipment and materials.

On January 25, 13 engineers went to build the network at the hospital, with support from the back office. Within just one day, the 5G emergency base station was up and running. As patients would be admitted starting from February 4, the project team worked around the clock in a crowded and noisy makeshift warehouse to get the network ready. They finished setting up a videoconferencing system and video surveillance system, and completed network optimization on February 3. These systems allowed the hospital to provide remote consultations and remote monitoring services.

Between the lockdown of Wuhan on January 23 and February 14, the Huawei Hubei Rep Office completed 41 emergency network operations, handled 445 live network problems, and supplied 181 emergency spare parts. A total of 463 person-days were devoted to the project.

  • 181

    emergency spare parts supplied

  • 463

    person-days devoted to the project

In this race against time, Huawei engineers rose to the challenge and helped our customers build communications channels that were critical to saving lives.

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Moving Huawei network equipment

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Optimizing the network in the hospital

STORY-Restoring Communications During a Flood in Jakarta

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Huawei engineers moving equipment
and materials to a flooded site

On New Year's Eve, 2020, a heavy storm hit Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, causing severe flooding. More than 300,000 people were evacuated, blackouts occurred in multiple areas, and over 1,200 sites were knocked out. The interruptions to the mobile networks severely affected access to communications services and the government's rescue and relief efforts.

The Huawei Indonesia Rep Office immediately set up a network assurance team with our customer, and began site repair and network enhancement. As too many sites were damaged, the first priority was to use our limited resources on the most critical sites. We helped the customer repair the backbone lines and core sites that were severely damaged, and deployed 21 emergency base stations. Over the next few days, we dispatched more than 210 teams, 150 vehicles, 10 inflatable boats, and 160 mobile diesel engines to Jakarta to support our customers. By the early morning of January 4, most networks had been restored, and all key nodes and sites were functioning again. Our enhanced core equipment rooms were holding up against further flood damage. By January 6, all customer network sites were fully restored.

An important part of Huawei's social responsibility is to stay committed and support reliable communications anytime and anywhere.

STORY-Restoring Networks After a Major Earthquake in Turkey

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Huawei's network assurance team in Turkey
helping customers set up emergency base stations

On January 24, 2020, a magnitude-6.8 earthquake struck the Turkish province of Elazig, followed by more than 200 aftershocks. Buildings collapsed, and many displaced people were in urgent need of rescue. Communication was critical. Every second of service downtime brought added risks.

The Huawei Turkey Rep Office activated its network assurance plan immediately after the earthquake struck and rapidly assembled a team from our Global Technical Assistance Center and R&D departments. We finalized the network recovery plan with our customers within just 20 minutes, and a short time later, seven emergency communications trucks were on their way to the site. Two hours after the earthquake, a network repair team of 21 Huawei employees set off to the affected area with two trucks full of supplies, including wireless equipment, microwave equipment, and power generators. In the cold night, our engineers climbed the towers to repair equipment, test communication links, and set up emergency sites. 

Huawei and its customers raced against the clock, and completely repaired all of the severely damaged sites in just three days so that people could get back to their normal lives.

STORY-Restoring Networks During a Major Flood in Gansu, China

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Huawei's emergency response team

In mid-August 2020, Longnan, in China's Gansu Province, was hit by a major flood and mudslides. Power was knocked out, and optical cables snapped. Communications were interrupted in many counties; Wen County was hit the hardest. 

The Huawei Gansu Rep Office immediately initiated its level-1 emergency response plan and set up an emergency response team to provide support around the clock. On August 17, Huawei and our customers agreed on the emergency network recovery plan, and dispatched more than 20 engineers to Longnan to repair the networks. The roads to Wen County were blocked by mudslides, meaning our engineers had to carry the optical cables 70 kilometers to the affected sites and ensure that communication services were restored in time. By August 20, the backbone network was back up and running.

After one month of hard work, all communication services in affected areas were restored. The Longnan government thanked the Huawei team for fulfilling the company's responsibilities to the community.

STORY-Supporting the Third China International Import Expo

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Live streaming of the launch event at
the China International Import Expo

The third China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai from November 4 to 10, 2020. At the opening ceremony, leaders from many countries delivered speeches via video, which required very high-quality connections for real-time streaming. To help our carrier customer provide live video services over private lines and ensure a superior user experience during the Expo, Huawei sent more than 200 engineers to provide 24/7 onsite support in addition to our monitoring services from the network center.

The Expo's network covered the National Convention and Exhibition Center, transportation hub, main roads, and the roads surrounding the Center. Huawei engineers conducted an onsite survey and developed a network optimization plan to ensure that users could enjoy a superior experience anytime and anywhere in these areas. The 3G, 4G, and 5G data networks both inside and outside the stadium performed excellently. According to the field test results, the 5G download speed in the stadium was above 1 Gbit/s. The demonstrations of 5G services, such as holographic live streaming, AI+VR dynamic live streaming, and smart security service were a resounding success. During the seven-day event, China Central Television and Shanghai TV conducted more than 50 live broadcasts over the 5G networks. The streaming was smooth and free of freezing. Our results for customer network support were impressive: zero service interruptions, zero incidents, and zero complaints.

The success of this network assurance project demonstrated the technical skills of our network assurance team. It also showcased their ability to deliver projects with the support of mature processes and a backend organization, and their commitment to customer-centricity. The outcome won generous praise from our customers.