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Build High-quality 5G Core Networks, Enable Business Success


[Teleconferencing, September 10, 2020] The 12th annual Huawei User Group Meeting (HUGM) is being held recently. During the event, Leo Ma, President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Marketing Dept., delivered a keynote speech about building 5G core networks for business success. Huawei will help carriers to develop 5G users and become preferred partners for industry digital transformation.

Leo Ma

Leo Ma, President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Marketing Dept., delivering his keynote speech

Build High-quality Core Networks for 5G B2C to Develop 5G Users Quickly

The number of 5G users in China are predicted to reach 200 million by the end of this year. Huawei encourages carriers to build a converged 2G/3G/4G/5G core network to change:

  • From "2G/3G/4G + 5G overlay" to "converged 2G/3G/4G/5G", reducing network interoperability, improving user experience, and simplifying network O&M.
  • From network element-level reliability to network-level reliability, introducing Cross-DC Hot Spare and Redundancy as well as CU Full Mesh solutions to guarantee network security for hundreds of millions of users on a single DC node.
  • From passive maintenance to proactive prevention, introducing AI to implement intelligent O&M and prevent risks.
  • From B2C to B2B2C, exploring new 5G opportunities and services, and monetizing them.

Huawei will help carriers quickly deploy 5G. It will also help them simplify the network structure, improve user experience, and maximize carrier return on TCO, thereby accelerating the monetization of 5G networks.

Empower Carriers to Explore Industries and Become Preferred Partners for Those Seeking Digital Transformation

5G is becoming indispensable in the digital transformation of a host of industries. Right now is the optimal time for carriers to leverage the advantages of network connectivity, reshape the value chain, and develop in-depth industry connectivity, to respond quickly to industry user requirements. Carriers should change:

  • From standalone deployment to serialized deployment, introducing a series of MEC scenarios to meet flexible deployment needs.
  • From common connectivity to enhanced industry connectivity, maximizing the benefits of connectivity using enhanced layer 2 networking and precise positioning.
  • From traditional delivery to agile CD/CT, introducing a workflow engine and toolchain to achieve fast integration and delivery.
  • From ubiquitous application integration to selective application integration, focusing on high-value scenarios and building up end-to-end integration capabilities through EdgeGallery.

2020 is the year for large-scale deployment of 5G SA networks in China. In the next few years, 5G SA networks will grow rapidly to become our new infrastructure. Huawei is dedicated to working with carriers and industry partners to build 5G core networks oriented for business success, which will unleash the potential of network connectivity, promote digital transformation of industries, and accelerate 5G monetization.