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Bond Investor Relations

The process of keeping you up to date with key developments continues after public bond issuance. After announcing our financial results, we hold investor presentations to keep you apprised of our financial status
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Bondholder FAQ

01. Who is Huawei?
02. Who owns Huawei?
03. Who controls and manages Huawei?
04. Who does Huawei work with?
05. What do we offer the world?
06. When does Huawei’s fiscal year end?
07. Who is Huawei’s overseas bonds trustee?
08. Who are Huawei’s independent auditors?
09. Where can I find information on Huawei’s corporate governance?
10. Where can I find information on Huawei’s sustainability plan?
11. Where can I find Huawei’s industry views?
12. Where can I find information on Huawei-hosted events?
13. How do I get a copy of the annual report?
14. Where can I find additional Q&A?
15. How do I contact Huawei’s Bond Investor Relations
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