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Business Groups in Switzerland

Carrier Business

Huawei has built up many years of experience in the core areas of ultra broadband network and ICT transformation. We provide telecom operators with customizable applications, intelligent operation platforms and efficient services to improve their operating profit and efficiency.

In Switzerland, Huawei provides end to end products and services to all Swiss telecom operators and the main service providers in the areas of fixed access, mobile, transmission and IP networks. Thanks to the state of the art technology and leading innovation strengths, Huawei developed unique solutions tailored to the Swiss market, contributing to the roll-out of the ultra-fast fixed and mobile broadband across the country, including in the rural areas.

Enterprise Business

Globally, Huawei Enterprise is an ICT solutions and service provider, committed to being the most innovative and optimal ICT technology partner for enterprises.

In Switzerland, Huawei Enterprise is dedicated to providing innovative, state-of-the-art, and differentiated ICT infrastructure products, solutions, and services for IP network infrastructure, server, storage, cloud computing and data centre infrastructure to governments, enterprises, and industry customers.

Also, in Switzerland Huawei is committed to cooperation and integration with its partners. We endeavour to make full use of our partners' advantages in customer service transactions and solution adaptability. We also strive to build a healthy and sustainable industrial ecosystem for win-win partnerships.

Device Business

Globally, Huawei is number 3 smartphone maker and ranked 72 on Interbrand’s “Best global brands”, making it the first ever mainland Chinese company to appear on the list.

Huawei is present on the Swiss market with its own branded smartphone since August 2012 with the P1. Other flagship smartphones have been successfully launched in Switzerland in the last years: P7 and Mate 7 (2014), P8, Mate S, Mate 8 and the Huawei Watch (2015); P9 and Mate 9 (2016); P10 and Mate 10 (2017).

Smartphones and MBB devices are the most important products on the Swiss market; they are available on the open market and at the operators. You’ll find more information on the complete device portfolio and the support at