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Tackling uncertainties with All-Cloud Network

2017.06.26 By David Wang, President of Products and Solutions, Huawei

The intelligent world is driving the digital transformation of every industry, triggering an industrial revolution that’s bringing great business opportunities. This new world is based on networks, which are now becoming as necessary as water and air, with ever-increasing requirements on coverage and depth of services. 

Telcos, however, face challenges with uncertain services, business models, and technical standards. Services based on the deep convergence of IT and CT, IoT, and emerging tech like 4K, VR, 5G, and AI are all possible avenues for telcos to explore. But, they need innovative business models in a collaborative ecosystem that considers declining demographic dividends and traffic dividends. New technologies such as SDN and NFV and new standards have uncertain value for carrier networks, delaying the standardization and commercialization of new technologies. 

Telcos tend to deploy networks with an eye on long-term technological development and evolution roadmaps that support value creation in a given business. Now, business direction is less certain and first-mover advantages are the most effective way to create business value. 

All-Cloud Network is designed to drive business success. It uses cloud to build agile, intelligent, efficient and open, future-orientated networks. The centralized scheduling of network capabilities enables services to be deployed automatically and new service TTM to be cut from several months to a few days or even minutes. Open network capabilities will allow telcos and their partners to flexibly integrate resources, rapidly innovate, and embrace business opportunities for digital transformation in IoT, smart cities, and Industry 4.0, and other domains. All-Cloud Network will change network construction and maintenance from traditional silos to end-to-end automatic network planning, deployment, optimization, and O&M, thus maximizing network efficiency and reducing OPEX.

Digital dividends based on All-Cloud Network are limitless. Huawei helps operators and the enterprise industry to achieve business success through All-Cloud Network with an open and collaborative approach that seeks to build a Better Connected World.