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Security Notice – Statement on the Example Certificate Issue in OpenDaylight

  • Initial Release Date: 2019.07.05
  • Last Release Date: 2019.07.05

Unified Secure Channel (USC) is a collaborative project within OpenDaylight. All source code and documents of the USC project are released in the open source community. The certificate used in the project is a self-signed example certificate, which is used for self-verification of the USC project. Users can replace the certificate. The certificate is not issued by the Huawei PKI system and causes no impact on Huawei customers.

2019-07-05 V1.0 INITIAL

Huawei adheres to protecting the ultimate interests of users with best efforts and the principle of responsible disclosure and deal with product security issues through our response mechanism.

To enjoy Huawei PSIRT services and obtain Huawei product vulnerability information, please visit
To report a security vulnerability in Huawei products and solutions, please send it to For details, please visit

Customers should contact Huawei TAC (Huawei Technical Assistance Center) to get necessary support for product security vulnerabilities. For TAC contact information, please refer to Huawei worldwide website at: