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Healthy and Harmonious Ecosystem

We strive to build a harmonious, healthy, and trustworthy business ecosystem and fulfill our commitment to shared success.


At Huawei, business integrity, ethics, and compliance are the fundamental prerequisites for all business activities, and we have implemented policies and processes to get everyone on board. The company attaches great importance to employees' professional development and self-actualization, and we provide our diverse workforce with easy and equal access to opportunities for learning and training.

Deep engagement from our supply chains is vital for Huawei to foster a robust business ecosystem and attain its sustainability goals. Huawei emphasizes responsible procurement as part of its wider efforts to reduce risks to sustainable supply chains. To make our supply chains more sustainable and competitive, the company constantly looks for new models in supplier management and helps suppliers grow their capabilities.

We pay taxes, create jobs both directly and indirectly, and stimulate the development of the ICT value chain in every country in which we operate. Furthermore, we deliver innovative ICT solutions that drive the digital transformation of all industries, foster economic growth, and improve people's quality of life. We do everything we can to support and give back to local communities and directly benefit local people.

  • ¥13.9 bn

    Invested in employee benefits

  • 67%

    Of our employees are local hires outside of China

  • 111

    Countries running our flagship Seeds for the Future program

Areas of Focus

Business Ethics

Trade compliance, cyber security, data and privacy protection, environmental protection, and anti-corruption and anti-bribery are all common topics of discussion. This is because these are the key areas we must get right in order to foster a fair business environment and maintain order throughout the business world. As far as companies are concerned, these issues must be addressed if they want to survive and thrive in the market.

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Caring for Employees

Employees are valuable company assets and important contributors to a company's sustainability. A company's growth and success also drives the realization of employees' personal value.

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Supply Chain Responsibilities

Sustainability plays a vital role in our procurement strategy and is a key part of our supplier management process. We regularly appraise suppliers' sustainability performance and continuously set new benchmarks. We work closely with customers, suppliers, and industry organizations on sustainability, and we steer our suppliers towards sustainable development through procurement quotas and business opportunities.

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Community Responsibilities

Huawei is committed to creating value for the communities in which we work. From local governments to international and regional organizations, we work with partners to create a positive, lasting impact, and we leverage innovation and collaboration to address economic, environmental, and social issues.

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