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Driving Balanced Development

ICT has become a key driver of digital and intelligent transformation across industries and inclusive growth in different regions. However, a huge digital divide still exists between different countries and regions and between different industries. Huawei provides affordable and easy-to-use digital technologies for different application scenarios, especially in regions and industries that are relatively underdeveloped. We aim to eliminate the development gaps between different industries, businesses, regions, and groups through broad collaboration, and provide equal access to digital resources so that they are inclusive to everyone.

STORY-Financial Empowerment in Kenya with Flexible and Fast Overdrafts

Safaricom's M-PESA is one of the world's best examples of mobile payment services. After ten years of development, M-PESA has a penetration rate of 95% among Kenyan adults, with more than 40% of Kenya's GDP being transacted and generated through M-PESA each year. However, M-PESA still faces several problems, including approaching its limits in terms of user base, limited service offerings, and high transaction failure rates when user account balances run too low.

In January 2019, Safaricom launched a new financial service called Fuliza based on Huawei's Mobile Money solution. This service allows 26 million M-PESA users to borrow money to complete their transactions when they have insufficient funds in their accounts. Fuliza facilitated 6.2 billion Kenyan shillings (approximately US$62 million) in transactions during its first month post-rollout and directly benefited a total of 14 million users during its first six months, with over 1 million monthly active users. These transactions covered a variety of daily financial activities, including payments for utility bills, tuition, family remittances, and shopping. Fuliza has brought a new source of revenue to Safaricom and greatly improved customer satisfaction.

Fuliza provides overdraft services to individual users and SMEs. These services have delivered two critical benefits for Kenyan consumers.

First, Fuliza provides credit services to individuals without bank accounts.

When a child starts school, for example, the family may not be able to afford tuition and book fees. In the past, it would have been impossible to pay for with M-PESA if the account was running low on funds. However, with Fuliza, families can apply for an overdraft of, say, 1,000 Kenyan shillings, to meet key expenditure like school fees.

Second, Fuliza makes it easier for SMEs to get loans.

Small grocery stores often rely on bank loans to maintain turnover growth. However, loan application processes are slow and complicated. To encourage growth, owners need simpler and more flexible ways to get loans.

With the Fuliza overdraft service, small loans are available almost directly at their fingertips. Such loans can be approved in seconds, and users can continue to use the Fuliza overdraft services as many times as they need, as long as they are within the allocated loan limit. In addition, Fuliza offers interest-free loan terms. No interest is incurred as long as repayment is made within the agreed period. Once that period passes, interest is only calculated on a daily basis without additional penalties. The Fuliza financial service has driven local economic development and made people's lives more convenient.

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STORY-5G Unmanned Smart Mining: Saving Lives and Reducing Costs

Mining has traditionally been a hot, tough, and dangerous occupation, with collapses, landslides, and dust clouds possible at any moment. While remote-controlled trucks are considered to be a safer and more efficient alternative in some mining scenarios, they have failed to deliver expected efficiency and safety gains due to the long latency caused by slow network transmission. Now 5G is bringing us hope.

With the shift from manual mining and remote-controlled mining trucks to 5G-powered unmanned smart mining, the mining industry is entering the digital age. With Huawei and China Mobile, China Molybdenum has built a 24/7 safety monitoring system that covers the whole mining process for all outdoor mining areas, thanks to the high-speed transmission made possible by 5G. Sensors and controllers within the mining vehicles are connected with high-speed 5G networks, sending onsite environment and equipment status information back to the control room in real time.

Drivers can now remotely work from a control center, with three screens in the front of the driver's seat showing a close-up of the excavator's robotic arm, a mid-range view from the driver's perspective, and a panoramic view of the excavator and surrounding environment. These images allow drivers to understand actual conditions in the mining area while eliminating almost all blind spots and latency.

This project represents China's first unmanned mine and a significant evolution for the entire mining industry. According to Yang Hui, President of Operations of Henan Yuexin Intelligent Machinery and Chief Designer of its 5G unmanned smart mining initiative, "We run 40 electric unmanned vehicles for transportation and mining work, 30 of which are transport vehicles. Their speed has increased from 15 km/h to 30 km/h. Our overall operating efficiency has been greatly improved, productivity has increased by about 30%, and we're saving about CNY12 million per year in labor costs."

4G has changed our lives. 5G will change society. With 5G, miners can remotely control excavators in air-conditioned rooms. This ensures worker safety, reassuring their families while increasing mining efficiency.

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China Molybdenum workers remotely operating an excavator over a 5G network

STORY-Mine Brain: Safe, Fast, and Smart

The coal sector is an important segment of the Chinese energy industry. In addition to productivity, safety is another top priority in each coal mine. One small mistake in a mine can have unimaginable consequences. More than 5,800 coal mines in China now use AI to accelerate automation and intelligence, embarking on a new path.

Huawei and Jingying Shuzhi Technology have come together with the China Coal Research Institute to develop a Mine Brain solution. The Mine Brain features Huawei's FusionCube, an all-in-one intelligent edge infrastructure that provides powerful basic computing power and management support. Jingying Shuzhi's strength in algorithms delivers an AI model for Mine Brain that includes early warning algorithms and expert models.

Mine Brain can replace humans in hazardous environments and handle tedious and repetitive tasks. For example, Mine Brain's computer vision capabilities can monitor scraper conveyors. It can also identify unsafe behaviors like people sitting on conveyor belts, running after a container on an aerial ropeway, or not wearing a helmet. It then reports these behaviors to the onsite monitoring system, which will then issue warnings. Following this, the system generates software records, making these types of incidents part of future safety assessments. As well as monitoring and protecting workers, Mine Brain can increase actual production hours by 10%, thanks to early identification and warning alarms for problems that may interrupt production. This will increase the direct economic benefits that continuous production brings. Even in a mine with an annual output of a million tons, Mine Brain can mean a bottom-line gain of CNY30 million. Mine Brain can also free up coal mine management personnel and allow them to focus on optimizing processes rather than managing people.

Mine Brain has been installed in mines across China, including in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, and Shaanxi, to manage tasks like water prospecting and gas extraction. Mine Brain has also allowed acceptance testing to move from underground to above ground, greatly improving efficiency. It provides remote intelligent diagnosis and warning alarms for operations and construction compliance, building a solid foundation for safety. By deploying the Mine Brain solution, coal can be transported directly to a coal washing plant on conveyor belts in a closed aisle, reducing the amount of coal dust and ash released into the environment, make mining cleaner and greener.