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True intelligence: Making the complex simple

2018.12.28 By Sally Gao

Artificial intelligence is a very broad discipline. For many, the main association AI triggers is robots, but it also covers a range of areas. These include machine learning, speech recognition, image recognition, human-machine interaction, brain-computer interfaces, data modeling, and big data analytics. 

AI is sparking an industrial revolution that will impact all people and industries, with the first wave of disruptions occurring in the following sectors: (1) transportation, including driverless vehicles and electric cars (2) education, for example, greater personalization and inclusivity (3) healthcare and pharmaceuticals, such as precision medicine, diagnosis, and faster drug development (4) natural language processing, including real-time, multi-language translation, and (5) telecommunications networks, for example, predictive O&M and self-driving networks.

History shows that technological progress is accompanied by gains in simplicity and efficiency. While the principles behind technical innovation are often very complicated, the results are extremely simple. And AI is no exception.

Huawei believes that AI is a collection of technologies. To bring digital to every person, home, and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world, we need to make active changes in three areas: technology, talent, and industry. This is why Huawei released its AI strategy and full-stack, all-scenario AI portfolio at HUAWEI CONNECT in October 2018.

All-scenario refers to deployment environments for public cloud, private cloud, edge computing, IoT industry devices, and consumer devices. Huawei’s full-stack solution includes chips, chip enablement, training and reasoning frameworks, and application enablement, providing a powerful computing and application development platform for AI application developers. Huawei’s solution will allow all industries and businesses to enjoy AI that is affordable, effective, and reliable.

Huawei hopes to work with customers, industry partners, and academia to make AI more inclusive and put it within reach of the masses, jointly promote industry digitalization, and accelerate the arrival of the intelligent world.

We hope to leverage complex technology to make the world simpler, providing customers and society with simple solutions while we handle all the complexity.

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